Novices, who they are (april, 2020)

20 Apr 2020 00:41 #351276 by Jhannuzs Ian
Thinking of continuing to create a community, it occurred to me to read your voices and interests when looking for a Jedi master, whether you are starting your IP or you are close to finishing it.

Then, feel free to answer all/some of these questions and add your expectations:

1. What are you interested in developing this month in this Jedi community?

2. Self-training: What stage of your IP are you in?

3. Self-motivation: When would you like to finish your 10 IP lessons?

4. Knowledge and your own wisdom: What important aspect have you discovered about yourself in relation to the materials?

5. Focus: What type of Jedi master would you like to have?

6. Time and form. Lessons and reviews: What periodicity would you like to propose when your rank change to apprentice?

7. During the approximate year of working with your Jedi master, would you only like to read books and discuss ideas?

8. Would you like to mention what kind of challenges would you like to carry out? Only topics, no details need to be given.

9. Landing: What are your expectations?

10. Suppose you have finished your IP and that some volunteers check your journal -they are not your Jedi teachers, they only read the quality of your essays- If that could take weeks or months, then:
What topics would like to make progress during that waiting period?

11. Jedi teachers are volunteers, and they have their own battles. In this link you can read about them:

After reading their presentations, approach them and ask something. My intention is to save you time in limbo and boost your conversations and an interesting search with Jedi People willing to collaborate here.


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Jedi Master: Rosalyn J
Focus, discipline, integriteit, kennis en licht
My code:
The Force is all, I choose my Focus
Life includes suffering, I am Resilient
The Force include my imagination, I extract Wisdom and Harmony
Life includes adversity, I obtain Knowledge
I respect your Life, lets revitalize our Force while breathing
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