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Carlos.Martinez3 wrote: What changed me was the ability to NOT be the “Ruiner of days” or the toxic tether that exist. To do exactly the opposite.
I like this thread because it reminds me - there always too much of something or even better - too much is too much no matter who or what side ... hu?

Nice, I agree.

Like everything its not the positivity that's toxic but how you choose to use it. If I walk out in my front yard and look at my neighbours properties, I can feel various sorts of reactions depending on how I look at things... the whole focus determines reality thing. If I look at them and compare to them how I think they could be best then I will see them for their shortfalls in this regard - a negative framework which breeds judgmental assumptions about the owners and anxiety etc. As a property developer (the only thing I didnt want to be funnily enough) I used to do this a lot without realizing it. But, if I look at them and compare them to how I think they resemble a Space training campus, then I see them for their similarities to something which motivates me - a positive framework which breeds curious assertions about the owners and imagination etc.

They are both forms of idealism IMO, one turns out to tend to being judgmental and the other motivational. The later happens to motivate me and puts me in a frame of mind which is open to connection for understanding. How we choose to paint the canvas we see that serves as the interface to reality is up to us, its what separates the successful from those who are not IMO. Motivation is a strangely powerful force and frame of mind seems to enable it. We just need to remember that its a personal interface, and not extend it over others or let it conflict with the reality itself. Our subjective reality is a powerful sandbox. It's a tool to orientate focus between inner and outer to serve the interests of both IMO.

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Too much Yin leads to Yang.
To much Yang leads to Yin.

Balance is the key.

There is a fine line between insight and insanity.

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