Would Real Jedi use guns?

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15 Dec 2019 16:47 #347297 by jake_thunder91
Replied by jake_thunder91 on topic Would Real Jedi use guns?
Living in a smaller, rural area of the Southern United States, there are several people around me who are permitted/certified to carry, and I can't think of any locals who don't own at least one firearm. Granted, most people around here are gun loving Republicans, but for the most part, they're hunters and farmers, in which both cases, a firearm would be necessary. For hunters, one would obviously need a weapon to take their game and for farmers, as some others have mentioned, one would need the appropriate weapon to ward off predators.
As for myself, I do not carry openly (as I am not certified), but I do own a single shotgun that stays under lock and key at ALL times until I'm ready to use it, along with it's ammunition. I only carry certain shells for it- rat shot for smaller game animals and rock salt in the case of a home invasion.
Now, with most people carrying or at least owning one or more firearms in this area, home invasion is pretty rare, though we do have on occasion the events of meth addicts breaking into homes. I've personally never had that happen to me, but if the event ever arises, rock salt rounds will get the job done, without taking a life unnecessarily. All that being said, would Jedi use guns? My answer- absolutely, so long as one practices and understands gun safety and uses good judgement to decide how best to use the weapon, keeping themselves and EVERYONE/EVERYTHING around them safe.

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15 Dec 2019 20:42 - 15 Dec 2019 20:43 #347306 by OB1Shinobi
Jedi can use guns. I always think people are naive when they express some kind of negativity at the thought of carrying or using a gun but hey, you have as much right to be you as i have to be me.

For those who want to take responsibility for their own safety but cant own a gun, for whatever reason...

Here is a more in-depth review by a channel ive been really enjoying, lately.
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

For those who want the TL;DR version

People are complicated.
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15 Dec 2019 20:52 - 15 Dec 2019 21:02 #347307 by JamesSand
Replied by JamesSand on topic Would Real Jedi use guns?
I'll save the videos, but I suspect if you shoot a wild boar with that thing, you'll just piss it off :dry:

It's bordering on political, but I do think it's interesting the replies we always get to these threads (because it's hardly the first time it has come up)

I absolutely support the existence and use of guns, for myriad reasons, but it simply never really occurs to me that they can be used for "self defence"

and I think this probably comes down to how those laws are written for me - for self defence to be legally sound (under the laws of my state/country) you can use the necessary force to negate the threat, and it tends to assume "up to the level force that the aggressor offers"

and there's a notion that you can't "prepare" for it, because that makes you the aggressor - if you rock up to a knife fight with a gun, you were most likely looking to shoot someone, and just trying to find a reason.

So the idea of sitting around at home in a rocking chair, caressing a shotgun, waiting for someone to give me an excuse to murder them, is somewhat frowned upon.

For those of you straightening up in your chairs, ready to release a salvo of "Well MY town is the murder capital of the world, and I have a god given right to protect my castle with nuclear armament against the drug fueled maniacs!" - You're supposed to be a Jedi, what the hell have you done to improve the situation, or is it as above, you're just another bastard waiting for someone else to give you a justification to be a monster?

(I'm happy to accept the latter. I accept that it's necessary to shoot foxes, if you're happy to tell me that you consider certain people to be a blight on the environment and it's a necessary task to reduce their population, well, please, go ahead :) )
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15 Dec 2019 23:58 #347311 by Rex
Replied by Rex on topic Would Real Jedi use guns?
The sort of Clint Eastwood "make my day" kinda attitude flies in the face of trying to use deadly force as a last resort (and the law depending on your jurisdiction). Any time you use a gun, you're using deadly force (both legally and practically). Also if you're one of those tacticool sorts of chaps, having a hair trigger etc. is a well known way of upping your liability especially in terms of criminal intent. If you have a gun, be a responsible owner/user.

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16 Dec 2019 00:22 - 16 Dec 2019 00:24 #347312 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Would Real Jedi use guns?
Bit of a team weapon as well, requiring a narrow focus in application (short of area denial, which is dangerous use). Its application benefits from supporting elements for threat intelligence, element security etc. The problem with a lot of self defence scenarios is it tends to assume no other threats, and also incurs the risk of making first responders jobs more difficult in assessing the nature and number of threats. Its all good if all folk are sane, sober and safety aware.... but for those who aren't it's a big risk to confront just because they are not predictable or even logical. Though there are lots of scenarios a gun can save the day, I think there is vastly more where it makes things worse. So it tends to come down to the extent of weapons in circulation on the streets. What's the norm, so to speak... which explains why the US Police have militarised over the years, to stay ahead of likely threats so they can act effectively in stabilisation operations. When in Rome do what the Romans do, but just do it better!

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16 Dec 2019 00:46 #347313 by Tannis Yarl
"You train for the worst day of your life and hope it never comes. " I'm glad you haven't had to face that moment yet. I've been in two moments where my life was in immanent danger. one I used a compound bow to get out of and was charged by the police for simple assault for defending myself in my own home. It seems that the laws in NJ require you to give Verbal warning Before taking defensive action. Anyone who intends to use Any kind of weapon or even Martial training to "defend" themselves needs to look up the laws governing "self-defense" and know the right things to say to the police when they respond. A lack of this knowledge results in YOU being charged as a Vigilante. My statement about diffusing or disabling an opponent is only possible Before it gets to the use of Lethal Force. I'm not suggesting shooting the gun out of an aggressor's hand. You are correct that is Pure Hollywood. I'm saying that with the wisdom of age & experience we can learn to avoid the "bad" parts of town after nightfall, and choose our place & time & associates with the care that we don't find ourselves in bad predicaments. After the Bow incident I paid a higher rent to live in a better neighborhood and avoided the bad element of society. Lesson learned.

Tannis Yarl

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16 Dec 2019 02:56 #347317 by Odin
Replied by Odin on topic Would Real Jedi use guns?
I believe it boils down to the intent of the individual. I would deem it ok for a jedi to use a firearm as a means of self defense. Your training should prepare you to be of clear mind and give you the ability to make confident decisions in high stress situations. As long as you have weighed the outcomes of the situation and believe whole-heartedly that pulling the trigger is the only and best avenue then your brethren should trust in your decision to use such a weapon to effectively control the situation and keep others safe as well as yourself.

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