Where is the extacy?

27 Nov 2019 03:11 #346283 by Carlos.Martinez3
Before you go crazy let me say this - where is that feeling of freedom and uplifting and fearlessness and absolute or momentarily release and lightness?

Where do you get that from. We are adults so sex is one answer but can there be more? The intimacy part for sure. The connection part. How about the “saved” feeling? That free to live a zero weighted life. I hear some people reach a moment of extacy when they do Yoga - share with me. Don’t be dirty - not my thing but do tell me where you find it. Please ? Dunking ? Singing ? Share ? I will too .

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27 Nov 2019 03:33 #346287 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Where is the extacy?
Sensuality as whole body lower level stimulation (ie sustainable & practical) , vs sexuality as trigger organ peak experience (ie periodic & specific)? One problem with some aspects of masculinity is that it can malign sensuality as strictly feminine, as part of some self identity crisis :D

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