Progressing with your Goals

20 Nov 2019 15:01 #345814 by Jhannuzs Ian
Here in the Temple, we can progress many ways like:

Creating a progress journal, debating ideas and fallacies, doing our initiation program, next our apprenticeship-season. Sometimes "just" reading a book from our library and dialogue the new knowledge and apply it in real life. Then:

a) As much as I think something, that idea does not exist except in my mind ... Only neural networks exchanging energy and biochemistry to wind up my ideas or fantasies.

b) If the Quality of our focus can make us create strategies to achieve our goals, then 2 questions:

Share your inspiration:

1. What goal are you wanting to create these last months of the year?

2. To create your goal: What do you think will allow you to move forward effectively?


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28 Nov 2019 07:15 #346387 by JamesSand
At the end of this year I will be where I wanted to be seven years ago.

Perhaps there was a quicker way, a more direct route, or perhaps the path I have traveled is the path I had to travel?

I am not some god, looking down upon a map, with all the hills and valleys, thick forest and rivers, obstacles and obvious paths laid out for me to decide on the best course - I must wander, sometimes exerting great effort, or feeling lost, upon a meandering path, working with what is apparent at any given point in time.

but speaking of gods, I suppose Mr Wednesday would recommend staying off the freeways and taking the backroads anyway - better the odds of a chance encounter I suppose....
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