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Is any body safe where there is ... people?

Just kidding - but seriously we here try to make things as safe as possible and it’s almost a priority always when things get official. Most times the hope is that we can act - Admirably. It’s not s necessity but it helps. No one wants to be salty all the time. When things begin to weigh heavy - the enjoyment parts seem to fade or get forgotten. Not saying that learning HAS to be fun at all... always ... but it’s nice to enjoy it more often than not. My 2 cents.
I think our projections can and could use a bit of training and a bit of time as far as growing in that part of our life’s. Definite benefit.

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Phoenix Vidensia wrote:

Arinme wrote:

Omhu Cuspor wrote:

Arinme wrote:

_Vergere_ wrote: If I follow what you're asking, projections are not something I worry about. BE YOU..... and that's all. When you finally become who you are, the first thing you realize is that there is nothing to fear.

Well said. Fear is merely separation from the Force.

I have a theory about these ideas. Just a theory - unproven, speculative, but whenever I contemplate it something in my soul is stirred.

In general, we tend to express, or project, a version of ourselves that we believe approximates an ideal called "normal". That projection is not a mask that thoroughly obstructs our real identities; part of us always shows through, more for some people than others. However, it's a distortion we willing adopt in order to attain social acceptance, and avoid an intolerable amount of turbulence in our lives.

Yet, the authentic self of each of us is nowhere near a normal ideal. We are each full of quirks, aberrations, sparks of genius, shadows of terror, and protected realms of intense vulnerability. Our real identity is something magical and spectacular - but also relatively defenseless against the onslaught of the world's judgement if exposed.

Our secret, hidden self, with all its wonder and darkness, is constantly striving for expression. The more public layer of ourselves, more rooted in survival and comfort, works diligently to insure that such exposure only happens to the extent it is safe. So, our most authentic core is constantly hidden and perhaps frustrated, due to fear.

I like to think that the closure of our separation from the Force resolves that dilemma, guiding us to become one of those fortunate people who fully express their true natures in a way that still preserves their viability in 3D human existence. I hope that's the case.

What do you think?


I strongly believe we need to make TotJO as safe as possible for this reason. To foster expression of the true self, in a trusted environment, where we can all learn and grow as human beings.

Safe for who? Who gets to express their true self freely here and who doesn't? Think carefully because some WILL be excluded from your safe space utopia.

I'm not building utopia. I'm talking about building fellowship. It's that thing that works so well in other religions, that many here are looking for yet struggle to express.

Our doctrine includes the guiding principles on which we base our fellowship. The way that we know this is working is when people are able to express love freely.
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23 Aug 2019 04:22 #341963 by Omhu Cuspor
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Arinme wrote:
... I strongly believe we need to make TotJO as safe as possible for this reason. To foster expression of the true self, in a trusted environment, where we can all learn and grow as human beings.

That sounds like a marvelous objective to me. I pledge to do my utmost to contribute to this vision. :-)

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23 Aug 2019 04:41 #341966 by Deimos
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I would say being open is more apt than safe simply by definition, because as Jedi, should we not seek knowledge? We can only seek said knowledge if we are open to discussions, even with people we DON'T like.

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