What does being a member of the group "Jedi" mean to you?

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18 Oct 2016 23:22 #261781 by Death, yet the Force
Replied by Death, yet the Force on topic What does being a member of the group "Jedi" mean to you?
I will admit, being a star wars fan played a part in getting me here.

I was searching for meditation lessons online and this Temple came up. I immediately went "ooooh! Real life Jedi meditating stuff!" And jumped right in. However now, I see Star Wars and this temple and the duties it comes with as two entirely different things.

Being a Jedi is about bettering yourself. You better yourself by becoming more patient, observant, kind and wise. And you better yourself in order to help others.

In order to better ourself, we use the Force. This is an energy that resides in and binds all things in the universe; and therefore helps us connect with all that is out there. It is the Force that connects all Jedi together; despite beliefs and Temple differences.

I personally don't see Jedi being so vastly different as a bad thing. One of our primary beliefs is to respect others and their different beliefs; and if we can't do that in our own order, it's rather hypocritical!

We all have different beliefs, different views. And that's ok. It means we can learn to be more patient and to tolerate easier through each other. Don't lose sight of the fact that everyone here is here for the same primary reason: to better ourselves. At the end of the day, what does it matter that we're different; we're all here to learn and to do the right thing. That in itself is a gift on its own.

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