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From where I'm at (not in the US or even the Americas), conservatism is not about conserving the status quo, its about conservation of momentum in progress, as contrasted with various forms of less conservative progress which prefer rather (relatively) more urgent change.

Of course the question then becomes what to change to effect the change in a way which is not going to backfire and actually work ie how to engineer an improvement in the best balance of urgency and likelihood of success.

In that regard, the 'lefty' as its called around my parts seems to be exhibiting pretty much the same characteristics of the 'righty'. But because conservative progress is slower then unconservative process, it's much more prone for the left approach to 'appear' urgent and effective. Unfortunately for others they have might have experiences with how things work and have the view that unconservative progress usually does not solve the problem but rather is just a bandaid on a compound fracture, and together those two factors lend to the 'loud majority' problem of the left tending towards radicalism and revolution.

The problem with the right is when conservatism is abused for stagnation and maintaining the status quo, or worse if the conservative change is worse. Because conservative progress is going to be more structurally sound most of the time and have a higher chance of success if its an improvement, but harder to correct if its a change for the worse.

Both these fringe lefty and righty seem to be variations of the same fascist practices towards forcing ones will upon another. But again here, it's just the right needs to be in power to suffer that deformation while the left does not, so fascists are considered 'right'. Exaggeration, vilification, misinformation, group identity politics, etc etc. It's the same stuff which puts steam into a revolutionary peoples uprising as it is that puts steam into a fascist peoples uprising. Either way the other side gets stomped down. It's easy to do because real problems are complex, and complex problems rarely have simple solutions.

Which leads to consideration about the nature of democracy itself, and as such the fall to the left is probably inherent to this as its failsafe. Because in contrast the more harder socialist nations are way way more conservative and failsafe to the right in terms of quelling the people when change is required (thinking Russia, China et al). The only thing I think that has changed is that the threshold for popular uprising has altered dramatically given the infotech age, which might even have implications on the longevity of democracy when considered in the context of an overpopulated planet!

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In America, conservatism is about keeping things the same because changes tend to mean bigger government and they (conservatives in the US) want smaller government. So, for example, they don't want Universal Healthcare... ever. Of course now that people have it it's tougher to argue that it should go back to the way it was before with many people dying, not getting coverage. Conserving the momentum of progress... I don't even understand what that means in the US political system because its not fast vs slow. It's one group wanting the government to do less and another more. Liberal vs Conservative is not about momentum. What momentum? The way we shift between parties... Nah. The US is different. Dysfunctional.

That's why people voted for Trump. They wanted to blow it up.

In our political system "lefty" is more similar to what's likely standard for other European countries. Bernie Sanders gets a lot of guff for the simple fact that he wants to take policy cues from Canada and other European countries. Universal Healthcare. Free college. These things cost money and right wing conservatives don't want to pay because they feel like that takes too much away from them. So our "left" is trying to get to where European countries were decades ago. Rightys want to spend money too, but on the military and tax cuts. They still believe (even if its just a wink and a nod) that lower taxes to the rich makes them create more business opportunities for the poor and middle class. They call this trickle down economics.

(whisper voice) it doesn't work.

What you describe as conservatives are our mainstream Democrats. People like Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi; they're all proponents of incremental more gradual change. Progressives, like AOC, are proponents of sometimes radical change. Our conservatives are so stagnant that many of them probably wouldn't mind if slavery returned. I'm exaggerating... slightly.

We do have a fascist uprising on the right as well. I believe that's definitely something to be concerned about and watch out for. Nazis and all.

It's all about balance. We move the pendulum simply by not being happy or satisfied which influences who wins the next election.
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