General Advice for the IP (by people who have completed it)

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At any given time, there are a number of people here taking the IP and there are also many people who have completed the IP. This IP study hall forum is new in comparison to many other forums here, so there isn't too much to go through at the moment. When I was going through the IP initially, I would go through the journals of many people to see what others had said about the IP materials here, which took a lot of time. And while there are questions and answers about the IP in this forum, there isn't a general advice thread about the IP here. Some discussion has been had about the IP among knights and in otherwise inaccessible areas for people currently going through it, so even if you've mentioned something before, bringing it up here may help someone. I'll add in my own suggestions in time, but for the time being...

Anyone who has completed the IP, what parts of it did you most enjoy or dislike? What advice would you give, either in general or specific to a lesson, to anyone going through the IP for the first time?

Note: there are some other threads on the IP at large, but this is directed specifically at people who have already completed it.
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Anyone who has completed the IP, what parts of it did you most enjoy or dislike? What advice would you give, either in general or specific to a lesson, to anyone going through the IP for the first time?

First, thank you, TheDude, for starting this thread. Its all well and good to have the IP study hall, but I know more people than those that show up wish they could show up. Perhaps its timezone, perhaps its work, ect, but they cant make it.

So what did I enjoy? The essays, for sure. Those are your chance to shine, to show your thoughts and opinions on what it is to be a Jedi, to give off a sampler of what you could one day become for those potential Teaching Masters (TMs) that may be interested in taking you on. It allows them to see if you'd be a good fit for them. So, my advice for these is to go all out. The 500 word count is a minimum, so blow their socks off, shine bright so they're forced to pay attention. :)

What did I not enjoy? Well, when I was doing it there was two options for the Connections lesson, thankfully they got rid of the one I started with and abandoned in favour or the Mindwalk choice. Was just so dry. XD Thankfully that isn't a component anymore, so ya'll have little to worry about. Other than that, the IP was challenging (or, at least, as challenging as you make it (and I recommend you make it as challenging as possible)) but fun start to my Jedi Path.

My Advice on the IP Overall

Firstly, have fun with it. If you don't enjoy it, you will be hard pressed to complete it. Feel free to crack a few jokes, let your personality shine through. Make it personal.

Secondly, its not a book report. I see this a lot. Its a YOU report. What did you take away from it, not what did it say. Tie it back to events from your life. Perhaps tie the themes into stories, or spin it into how you see it playing into your Path as a Jedi. And, in the end, if this isn't about you and your growth, what is there to learn by reading your journal? Those that are paying the most attention to your journal have already read the material, we know what it says. Give us a reason to read YOUR journal. :)

Thirdly, formatting. I type up all my lessons, to this day, on Word before copying and pasting to my journal. Not only does this save you in case something happens (internet freezes, everything goes wrong and you lose everything you spent the past three hours typing out), but it also allows you to work on formatting and paragraph creation. Paragraphs are your best friend. It allows thoughts to be in individually contained, so you can explore each idea or theme to completion before moving onto another, and it gives the reader just a bit to have some mental breathing room. Nothing is more imposing than the dreaded wall of text. Its actually painful to read sometimes. Small breaks created by paragraphs make it much more bearable. :) Punctuation is also key. If you don't use punctuation correctly, the meaning of your sentence can change or be lost. Also, label your lessons. What lesson are we reading in your journal post, what part, what chapter? The easier it is to find that info, the quicker it can be checked over by the IP team when the time comes for that. :) And finally, Spellcheck. Can't tell you how many times spellcheck has been a lifesaver, so use it if you can. :)

Finally, don't be afraid to ask questions. We are all here for you. We have the IP study hall sessions, but we also have the unofficial Discord where you can ask questions relevant to the IP if needed be. Or sent a shout out in the Temple Chat. If you have an IP sponsor, ask them. They'll be more than happy to help you. :) Heck, if all else fails and somehow you can't get an answer outta anyone, my inbox is always open.

I hope this helps those that need it. And may the Force guide you all through these first steps of training.

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Out of curiosity, would you want all of the lessons to be organized in essay form, or would stream of consciousness or bullet points be okay?

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Here at the Temple we have a Self Paced curriculum. Feel free to show slides , bring a projector and a bed sheet - English Spanish Dutch German any launguage you like - that we can translate of course - and use PowerPoint -bullets Paragraphs pictures personal photos animation. Animatronics - what ever you like. Smiley face -Have fun with it - as Bob Ross says “ it’s your world “ be happy and if ya need any help feel free to call on me directly or any knight or above here in the Order. We also have a ip team and all sorts of things at your disposal. Happy seeking and May the Force be with you !
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The IP doesn't necessarily need to be "academic" in how you go about it. Two paragraphs and an oil painting might say a lot more about what you think of a specific element than a five page essay. It's about how you present yourself; who are you, what do you want (from the work, from the Temple, from your life); I look for how clearly a student is trying to comprehend a subject -- not for it's own intellectual merit, but for how it relates to the student's life.

When I look at IP journals gauging future potential Apprentices, I look for some common merits of respect: understandable spelling/grammar, structure and consistency, and a certain sense that the student is really trying to do their best with the work. In general, though, what matters the most is that last -- how clear it is that you are engaging with the materials. Some students raise objections to what's in the IP as well, so when I see that I ask "are they doing so while being respectful?" and "are they bringing up a valuable argument, here?"

It can be a little tough navigating something so free-form -- where the traditional answer you'll receive is "anything goes, just be yourself," but if you can keep in mind the quality of respect (for the people who will eventually read your IP and work on grading it) as well as self-respect (clearly working to get the most out of the IP for your own benefit) then you'll do just fine.
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I'll second Locksley's initial statement here, the IP need not be treated entirely like a series of academic exercises. Here, we're looking for sparks of creativity, something that reveals aspects into your inner character. How did each assignment effect you? Did you like it, love it, or even hate it? My first time with the IP was not in the least bit orthodox. In fact, I'd like to think I helped set the tone for others in how they approached it. This isn't collage, and doing the IP should not add to the stress that already exists within your life, so have fun with it!

So long as you show you grasp what the material has covered, it really can be taken in any direction you wish...
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