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Hello! Welcome to the sermon roster posting.

Below you will find a link to our sermon roster! This roster is designed to be more fluid and updatable that forum posting, and allows us to hold information in new and different ways that regular posting. One benefit is also that it's owned by a primary TOTJO account, which means that if I am hit by a bus tomorrow, we don't lose the document, they just change accesses for an eternal document.

With that being said, please see the link below for our new sermon roster! If you would like to get on this roster, please let me know!

Sermon Submission FAQS

1. I'm not clergy, can I submit something?

-Yes! Absolutely! Anyone can submit something, there are no rank or role requirements.

2. How long does it have to be?

-As long as it takes to impart your message. Try not to be nebulous by being too short, and try to avoid being overly detailed and too long, find what works for your writing style and to allow people to understand your message.

3. I don't like sermons, can I do a message or essay instead?

-A sermon is a message is an essay. The only difference is where it's given. The main goal here is that we are imparting knowledge, wisdom, or some form of educated personal challenge or improvement, but in the end, they are all the same and just performed in different locations.

4. Whoa whoa whoa, anyone can submit something? What about quality control? What's to prevent Darth Dark Frumpeous from posting something about spin kicking babies as a allegory for personal financial improvement?

-Someone from the Clergy posts these and we read them before posting to check for quality and content. Quality is defined as making sure it makes sense, content is defined by the overall message and verbiage. We make no promises about grammar or spelling errors.

5. Are there any topics restricted?

-Absolutely. Please keep messages safe for work and family friendly. This covers a large gamut of topics, but please bear in mind you don't know who's reading your stuff, it's a public site, and that your message is being placed front and center.

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