Calling out Graphic Designers & Artists

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21 Aug 2015 01:28 #200425 by
Been dabbling in image manipulation and such since Paintshop Pro version 3, LOL!

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21 Aug 2015 02:14 #200428 by J_Roz
Have degrees in Graphic Art and Design. Worked for Budweiser for a little bit as a Graphic Designer. (That was before I went back to school for my degree in Anthropology and Native American History) I manage a couple websites, some Ebay accounts, Facebook pages and make/create videos... ;)

Heck I've done so many crazy things... ;)

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21 Aug 2015 03:50 #200431 by J. K. Barger

My friend and I have a printshop ourselves, and do a bunch of custom work. I prefer to do hand-drawn stuff, and I focus on symbols and type; I really dig esoteric stuff, pulling from a whole range of sources.

Hopefully if it gets going this could be useful :cheer: :cheer:

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