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Jestor wrote: What, my answer wasn't good enough?

Jestor wrote: ...but, unless Br. John corrects me, or I find evidence in the archives...

Seems like you were waiting on his answer, yerself, in a way. :whistle: :P
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Stupid quotes..



On walk-about...

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I made a kinda nifty one (I think lol), with loads of symbolism...

First, this holds the very same original sybolisms in the original emblem itself (the colours I've put together in it are all part of light), but also include those of an alchemical meaning;

If we go in evoking fashion around the points (to draw a unicursal five-pointed star, in a clockwise direction), starting and ending with white, we get;

Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, White.

These correspond to the elements, in order from the most "solid" to the most "rarified";

Green-Earth, Blue-Water, Yellow-Air, Red-Fire, White-Spirit.

These, in turn, represent states of matter - again, from the more "solid" to the more "rarified";

White-Spirit-Aether (Akasha/Qi/etc.).

These, in turn, correspond to the Four Forces and the "Superforce" from which they are all said to spring forth from, in Grand Unified Theory taught in particle physics. From the "weaker", lower frequency forces to the "stronger", higher frequency forces, we have;

Green-Earth-Solid-Gravitational Force,
Blue-Water-Liquid-Electromagnetic Force,
Yellow-Air-Gas-Weak Nuclear Force,
Red-Fire-Plasma-Strong Nuclear Force,

Being Native American from Plains (Siksika-Blackfoot) and Woodland (Mohawk/Oji-Cree) tribes, I also found it interesting that, if you remove the green, you have the four colours of the Plains tribes' medicine wheel;

White - North, from where the cold winter winds come,
Yellow - East, from where the Sun rises every morning,
Red - South, the direction the dead are said to begin their journey towards,
Blue (interchangeable with Black) - West, where the Thunder Beings live.

But if you take away the blue instead, then you have the four colours of the Woodland tribes' medicine wheel;

White - Winter,
Yellow - Spring,
Green - Summer,
Red - Autumn.

(Depending on tribe, different colour/season correspondences may be used.)

But yes, the circle even in this here is very important, too - and in this case, even the extended background;

The Black is the darkness which we may find surrounding our lights, but that it doesn't totally consume the Brown, representing the Good Earth we walk upon, shows that much of the darkness, we bring with ourselves - after all, we all cast our own shadows ;)

I'm thinking that if I ever get to be a knight and can start a group, this would be a good emblem for a Jedi Alchemy group, yeah? :D

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