Divinity and the Force

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What do you believe is the relationship between the Force and your god(s)? Are they one in the same, both different names for the same thing? Is/are your god(s) connected to the Force like any other thing, but not literally a part of it? Is/are your god(s) a specific facet of the Force, more (or less) connected to it than we or other physical/living things are? Something else?

I ask because I'm curious how the two interact in the belief systems of Jedi who are also theists - and of course, I expect different answers, but I'm interested to hear how different people of different faiths explain it.


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09 Mar 2019 04:42 #335314 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Divinity and the Force
My framework (in that regard) is that its un-provable, and so I view efforts as working with manifestations of mental (conscious + subconscious) processes.

This leaves the door open to those processes being built from information wholly;
- internal, and/or
- internal plus external objective reality, and/or
- internal plus external objective reality plus metaphysical realities.

Being that 'if' metaphysical realities existed then they would have to appear via the mind anyway, as that is how we seem to 'be'. The proviso that while all experience is internal, but that experience is open to signals from outside our own body.

From there it gets complicated :D

I know the subconscious has a lot of power to create really complex and unique representations (dreams are one example) so I think one has to be careful not to 'create' or minimize the creation of such divine experiences. The downside is that makes them rarer but the upside is they seem to be much higher quality - to the extent they inform and make sense of contemporary understandings rather then just reiterate what one might have read. I think that is where the real use is, because its progressing the understanding in ways which might allow progress to be made in understanding what or if these things mean etc.

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09 Mar 2019 14:09 #335326 by Carlos.Martinez3
I practice the “all myth” where I can and am allowed to give worth to any and all ideas.( inherit worth of all)
I’ve practiced and have gone even a bit further and have studied each faith new and old- still learning as the days go by...
Each faith has a similar idea selfless and freedom. For me - regardless of who gets credit there can always be encouragement of character. Godly character and faithfulness are examples of love and ideas and ways we can act. As clergy you may find me asking and encouraging from your faith - and our faith- your religion or ways and the Jedi way- there can always be a balance in nature and in life too- up to us to find it but for the most part - my great diety is the Force. I don’t argue about what it is or what it can be I simply ask - what can I do to help. I encourage others to have faith and if they have gods or people - seek- keep on- know what your looking for and where to get it.
I heard some one on the internet say “we created groups and they have still yet to work...” talking about race and labels. Same applies for me to God’s and the Force. I hope others have their own faith but we can encourage them to seek. Go figure - people who encourage others to seek “like me “ but know your results will vary - so they won’t be “like me.” What a concept - any how my faith and practice is respect and celebration more than segregation so when I find the differences- those to me are the blocks that hold character and hearts and minds.

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10 Mar 2019 12:54 #335353 by
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I am Panentheist Jedi, so this'll take a moment to explain.

I believe in an Abrahamic God/deity/being. However, unlike many theistic faiths, I view God as the universe, but also beyond the universe.

But, as a Jedi, I view the Force as a connection between the universe and all things within it, and this deity. The Force is an energy field that is generated by all living things, surrounds us, binds us, all that good stuff. Its not something we control, but something that just is. And through it, we are infinity and intrinsically connected to each and every living thing. A ripple in one part of the pond of energy that is the Force can and will be felt by the entire pond, to one degree or another. This includes ripples caused by a god character, or even the decisions of a grandparent, a world leader, or a man planning for the future.

I've experienced this connection through an astral projection practise. Through it I saw this connection as light, beautiful and pure. This is, however, only my experience, and I cannot nor do I feel the need to prove it. But it has proven instrumental to my growth as a Jedi.

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