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Streen wrote: I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. I regret the vast majority of the things I've done. I don't know if you can appreciate what that feels like, to look at your life and wish you could start over from the beginning and do everything different.

I think most people have. What's important is that you learn from those mistakes and make reparations.

Streen wrote: It's been said that I have not had any new ideas in a long time, that my 20 years as a Jedi are irrelevant if I haven't done anything recent.

I don't follow... who's said that? Why would one's previous studies be irrelevant?

Streen wrote: Well, that's why I'm posting this. It may not be clear at first what I've created, but those with patience will discover what it there.

Uh...huh. Is this an apology or an advertisement?

OB1Shinobi wrote: you have to be a proper student before you can be a proper teacher; there are genuine experts in the world; you have to learn from them before you can claim to be one

I wonder, though... where did the first teachers come from?
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6 years 5 months ago #280340 by Brick
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'The thing is, the Jedi have changed. It's a religion now. Perhaps that's part of the reason I'm creating this page, to get away from the religiosity of the Jedi. Here, we are Gedi, rebels against the religion, focusing on self-fulfillment and the liberation of the mind.'

This statement on your website confuses me for several reasons:

1. If you're against the Jedi Religion, why are you posting this in a Church? I appreciate not everyone her is a follower of the 'religion' but surely you see my point?

2. You say your focusing on 'self-fulfilment and liberation of the mind', whilst perhaps not the ONLY things we focus on here, are they not still a large focus of what we do here? And if so, then what are you trying to offer that is different to what is offered here?

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To me it seems you are trying to recruit people and create your own "religion", "order" whatever, i don't understand any of your statments, i for example don't think Jediism is just a religion, i belive the jedi path is a way of life, and not everyone can become a jedi, because being a jedi requires sacrifices, i bet with everyone that many jews, cristians or muslims make good actions because they have afraid of "hell" or afraid they are not going to Heaven, i call bullshit to that, thats not being a good person that is being afraid of the outcome, if you truly want to help others you dont film to put on youtue, you dont say to others " hey i helped someone today" you just help you just do, and you help not because you want to go to heaven but because you want to help others to make a diference in the world to make other's people lifes better (i am not saying that all people act on fear but many do). jedi is just a word, a name that we gave of what we belive (Jorge Lucas did xD), we all love Star Wars and we are here because of that no matter what, Lucas invented the jedi order, he combined many religions and ideas and called those warriors of the light, jedi. We are Star wars lovers that in fact agreed with those ideas and created a real life jediism, my point is that we could be called Gedi, jedi, jhdjshsd whatever we want, the ideas, the actions and what goes in our hearts is all that matter.

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For me in my Jediism everything has taken and lead to ... Right here , right where I am. I'm not a right wrong guy. Seek friend seek ! You WILL find what it is you seek. I promise. Growing up I had a million tags names associations memberships friends and clubs. Some were made of coushins ,wood , friends, slides, homes , basketball courts yards , neighborhoods, cities and country's. I would hope no Jedi would tell you ever ... No, I won't. Be what u need to be. Keep seeking and keep learning.
*personal note
Some day you will see jeans with Instaed of pockets , bandanas , old ideas. Some clubs never go out as well as some may see a few like yours ... Love it brother live it bro ! Do it ! Your life is in your very capable hands . As is our own, it's in our own hands if we want it. May the Loving Force we share keep you and may you find it where you seek it. My box is always open
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Streen wrote: Okay, I'm obviously doing something wrong here, so if I were to turn over a new leaf, what would be my first step?

Streen, all I know about you is the ranting. Every time I've seen you post in the past it was a verbal diarrhea of attacks without discussion. For me when I see any of your accounts pop up on threads I think "Oh gods, what's he up to now?" and don't normally open the threads unless I'm bored and feel like watching some drama.

I was bored so here I am XD

Now, if you are sincere in wanting to be a part of the community, I also recommend putting input into the forums. Thing is, I have no idea who you are and I can be considered among the 'old timers' here now.

"He who knows does not speak; he who speaks does not know". Ya know?

"Actions speak louder than words" and all that, but the problem with the internet is there's no action, there's only words. We can only learn and instruct with words here. Words show us the shape of a person. And those words over time will build the reputation of that person. I'd hazard to say that when I choose to speak, most of the folks who've been around for a while will give weight to my words. Since I haven't been as active lately, the newcomers don't know me yet. Some people I'll take their words as law (so to speak), then there are other folks who when they speak, I disregard them. Both for the same reason. Their words over time have proven worthwhile (or not) to listen to.

So find a thread that's interesting to you, and add your thoughts and engage in discussion. Ask questions, involve yourself in chat. These are all ways we get to know you and how to build your reputation one way or the other if that is what you desire.

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Am I the only one that’s confused on how you pronounce Gedi?

Is it an odd spelling of Jedi, or is it pronounced Geh-di, like the unholy offspring of giddy and yeti.


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