"how do you show your love to your world?"

26 Nov 2016 04:39 #265999 by Carlos.Martinez3

baru wrote: I am exploring the power of Love. I do like the belief that the unifying force is powered by Love. The connections that bond us can be called Love and make up the vibration that we relate to as "love".

So how do you connect with your world?
How do you radiate or amplify the love in your world to increase the connective power of the Force?

No fair asking a romantic of love...
The love I now have is a love I had to find on my own. I am aware enough to find that all my examples of love I had were from ... Non reliable or less than reliable sources. I later find out most of us share the same finding outs... No blame on who's fault ... No matter the matter is my definition needed to be built from ground up. So I searched . I found tons of porn on the net. Not the love I wanted . I found stories of lovers... In the classics . Loves of Gods and the God and other dietys learned of every day examples by the love I saw and wanted aka my elders. Mr Jimmy and miss Linda were the youth pastors at my church growing up. The way those two old school doves cooed near each other and wisped others away and guarded their " spouses space" ...wow blew my mind. What kind of love is this? .... I learned difrnt denominations examples till I realized each person was their own home. The leader of the home was the leader and lead his home in the direction he choose. Cautious on space and time even... You could separate them to long cuz they would ...home in on each other, it was cute not creepy, real not fake and I found one of many new examples . I've adapted a few . I and my family have benefit so much from the examples I have found of father and friend.
To answer your question how do I show my love to the world. I've made it better and that is what I plant now, I have broken a cycle that produces hate and have been the change by the efforts. The best part is it has been happening everywhere else. How do I show my love to my world u ask, I give it, it ,my love is something new. At least for me it is! Why not share it! I give forgiveness ... When its needed rather than ...hate. If I see hate I try to give it a place to go. It never works all the time bit some times my ...love... The idea of love not my face... Needs to be seen so some one else looking can have an example. How do I show my love to the world, I am the example.

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