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12 May 2021 09:15 - 12 May 2021 15:17 #360107 by Edan
Hello all,

We hope that you having a productive time here.

This post it to let you know about the ways you can get help and support while at TOTJO.

For general questions about TOTJO you can either post a question in this forum ('Confused? Ask for help') or ask any Knight, Senior Knight or Master. If one is not available then Apprentices may also be able to help you with these questions. For immediate answers, there is usually someone of these ranks online on the Discord.

Below are the people best placed to help you with specific areas:

- training up to the rank of knight - Any Knight or above
- questions about the lessons of the IP - For general IP related queries please contact Skryym , head of the IP team. For questions on the contents you can speak to any Knight or up.
- questions regarding membership or user accounts - Br John or me, Edan
- questions regarding moderation, either here or on Discord - Head Moderator Edan , or Zero
- questions regarding doctrine or the clergy - Pastor Carlos or Assistant Pastor J K Barger
- A full list of office holders can be found in the FAQ.

If you have any specific personal issues which relate to your training, interactions with another member, or anything else that you wish to keep confidential, please seek out any Councillor .

Any questions about the above, please send me a PM.


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