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ren wrote:

Edan wrote:

ren wrote: youtube wants to use iframes, which with our current setup is a problem, as allowing our users to submit iframes which are then displayed by totjo means they can inject any code they like into our forum, loaded from an external source we do not control... iframes could be useful for genuine folk here, but even more so to whatever malicious person passes by. While there could be a workaround which would block all iframes except youtube's, it isn't worth doing at this time on the current version of the totjo website.

I'm not sure why youtube decided to use iframes, this is a pain.

So if this is the route they go, what does that mean for us and videos? No go?

Use hacks described in this thread, and post videos as url ( use the forums url or code tags to avoid the auto-transform). Ive had to repair youtube embedding on this version of the site already, next time will be after the yet to be planned upgrade.


Not to derail, but is there any chance of the site getting a shoutbox with that upgrade?

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