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As a part of my personal ministry here, I decided that I'm going to test the waters on having open Office hours for anyone to utilize. Most of the time I'm available throughout the day, but my intent with this is to hopefully create uninterrupted space to where I can perform administrative duties, answer any questions that anyone might have, or just maximize that time for community, laughs, and minimal awkward silence.

I was hoping for this to take place through the voice channels on Discord to spread that sense that I'm more than likely not a robot, but I'm a well greased machine a flexible guy and can make any accommodations.

You don't have to give me a heads up, simply stop on by, but please take your shoes off because it's been a lot of rain and I don't want the place getting all muddy and wet.

Here are my office hours for he rest of this month:

Fridays: Approx 0130-230 UTC
Saturdays: 1800-2000 UTC

See you then.

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