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23 Oct 2017 17:57 #304610 by Carlos.Martinez3
Hi all I want to thank the clergy for the vote of confidence or the vote of acceptance in some cases ( smiley face) for the position.
First thank you thank you thank you a million thank you s.!!!
Second it is my of my faith and my honor to continue to serve this wonderful Temple and it's people . My in box is open always to any comments gripes complains or needs to vent or encouragement . This is my role and I gladly fill it ! ( just label it before you send it so I know how to respond ! ) no where ever will I quibble or argue about things that can keep an individual off track. That varys from heart to heart , my role is simple to me... grow. I want to grow and I would love it if I can continue to help others grow . As a clergy member in a Jedi temple , we will all have difrent faiths and difrent solutions and difrent views. I want them all! I want to free the clergy from the idea that we can not ... because we are different. That to me has never been valid. Those who are on the contact clergy team , my self and JL we are in need of as many DIFFreNt views as possible. We as clergy do NOT have all the answers and our focus in my practice is not to give my own ..."This is how it should be..." but a difrent approach , how can I direct you to what you are seeking . Most times in my practice and advice it is a simple as saying , " it's ultimately up to you and where you find it but please go find it " I can only give examples of my own path and my own wisdom but it is to each of us to free our selfs and .... let them decide for them selfs and ... support it . Every path will be difrent and rightfully so. Can we encourage this ? I say I will! Join me ? I hope so. Let us free ourself and others by , ridding our own ideas of absolutes and definitely s and begin encouraging the seek! Ohh the seek!!! Go and find it make it yours and stand on it , in my opinion this makes beautiful Jedi! Strong Jedi and ... every day Jedi . So.. I said all that to say this , time to get to work! Pm me for any questions or comments I look forward to serving this wonderful place and you wonderful people !
May the Force we all seek find us where we seek it !
Your servant , Carlos Jedi Knight and Clergy

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Pastor of Temple of the Jedi Order
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27 Oct 2017 22:10 #304922 by Aqua
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