Oath of Confidence

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Im just talking... :)

There is no right and wrong in all this, only how we all see things...

I see a blue dress, you see a white dress... lol...

in the end, no matter who a person is, you are right, no one should be treated rudely...

And, also no matter what, we shouldnt be offended at every little thing either...

I guess we all still have work to do, lolololol....

This spoiler stuff is just me having a conversation and analyzing... I do this or my own actions (as I am aware of them) and for everything else... I m brutally honest with myself (I feel about everything) except perhaps how handsome I am, er, my weight issues...

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On walk-about...

Sith ain't Evil...
Jedi ain't Saints....

"Bake or bake not. There is no fry" - Sean Ching

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03 Mar 2016 22:12 - 03 Mar 2016 22:13 #231635 by Adi
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Jestor wrote: Quite likely, I ask that you greet people... This is the most helpful thing here, yet fewer people do it, than those who ask me how to help... Crazy, huh? Hopefully, you took my advice...


Because we do like people who have spent a lot of time to be the ones doing things... But, like the young man at my work, he doesnt want all the little detail jobs, he wants the high action/profile jobs, so do many others, lol...

Gotta earn the other jobs by showing you want to really help those you are helping, and not as a "see me" type thing... Just in general, not saying that is you... :)

Certainly. But greeting people is not the work you complain about having too much of to do. Read what I said again: I never asked to do "look at me" kind of volunteer work. I said I have no job and an abundance of free time, and in the context of our discussion (being overworked), that I can help with that if you want. Nothing more. I actually prefer not to do "visible" kind of work, as just about any place I've volunteered with IRL can attest. I prefer to go unnoticed. Recognition is not what I seek. To do good is what I seek. Simply knowing that I've done that is a million times better than any reward or recognition anyone else could ever give me.

Person A comes to me with a request, never met this person, dont know anything about them, they have only lurked for a bit...

Person B, has been here a while, had some troubles, reported a person, been reported by people not all bad, just that they were having some trouble, normal life stuff, a few things maybe that required some intervention, but noting terrible... Ask for a lot of favors, needed several name changes, or just been a controversial person in the forum... (not one person, pick some characteristics)...

I know that you're basically talking about me as "Person B," and while I'm going to go ahead and say that you're grossly mischaracterizing and misremembering things... you want to know who I'd be more on guard about? Person A. I know nothing about them. Person A could be a complete psychopath. They could also be a saint. At least with Person B, I know what I'm getting into and know that they clearly need help. I know what setting to put my phaser on already. Person A is a blank slate and could be anything. I believe in people's inherent goodness, but I've seen "Person As" go bad quickly.

Just as I have folks who hesitate to contact me, you and Steamboat do too, (well all do, but we seem to be monopolizing the conversation, lol), and if you were in my position, what would you do?

People hesitate to contact me? This is an interesting fact. I was not aware any people had a reason to want to contact me at all. I'm inconsequential. On the margins, at best. I am, as I explained in the thread about people feeling unimportant here, unimportant. Really. If someone wants to prove me wrong, they're welcome to do so, but until then, I am dubious about this assertion. Sorry.

If there was a loud cry for my resignation, i would... I promise... ;)

No one has called for it. I'm glad you serve us in the capacity you do. But I said in my other post, if the work you do makes you miserable enough to lash out at people and say you're "losing your cool" because of them, why do it? That's not really fair to them, and that's not really fair to you. And it's not other people you should be most worried about in that case, it's yourself.
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03 Mar 2016 22:20 #231637 by Trisskar
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Jestor wrote: This comes with age for us all... lol...[/color]

Ugggg....Don't I know it... XD lol

....it the best we had at the time...

Re-quoting You - "....but, things change... "

Id say alot has changed since the past and from what I have seen a good number of folks have asked for change in the Simple Oath.

Just sayin ;)

I feel that Teachers can better monitor Students with meaningful Reflections than Administration can monitor Initiate parroted oaths.

Anyways! I have said my peace. I just wanted to clear up my part as was mentioned. Change comes, but not over night! *bows*
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