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1 year 2 weeks ago #372555 by Rosalyn J
Please join me in congratulating Master Neaj Pa Bol in assuming the role of Head of Media Relations

The role of Media Relations consists of approving all social media for the Temple of the Jedi Order including but not limited to the official presences of the Temple on such platforms as
And other such spaces as the needs arise; as well as responding to content related to Jediism, Temple of the Jedi Order.

Of course, as with any lead, Neaj will need support. If you are an apprentice or higher and you would like to assist with creating or approving content, please reach out to Neaj Pa Bol

May the Force be with you, Neaj

Pax Per Ministerium

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1 year 5 days ago #372719 by Neaj Pa Bol
Hello everyone, I will be making some posts here within the next two weeks and discussing with other people who’ve been doing some of our PR stuff and those that have contacted me already interested in doing things within the next two weeks. I have a situation at work where we had one of our staff members and her husband in a very serious car accident so work is a little hectic and I am doing a lot of extra days so I really haven’t had a lot of free time to sit down and put together the game plan for the new media and kind of goals that I want to sit and work with the team and set those goals with them for the temple, so just bear with me and I will be making more posts about this in the very near future, hopefully no more than two weeks from now l.

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1 year 5 days ago #372723 by Diana W
Cool! I did not know there was a tiktok ..

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1 year 5 days ago #372726 by Zanthan Storm
Congratulations Master!

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