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01 Feb 2021 16:47 - 01 Feb 2021 17:22 #358227 by Edan
Hi all,

I am taking over rank and membership changes (for the time being at least).

If you were responsible for advising Carlos or Rosalyn of any rank changes, please come to me instead. If you are responsible for any threads which state when a rank change needs to happen, please can you PM me the link so that I’m aware it’s there. It may take me a couple of weeks to get into the swing of it so I would appreciate some leeway and patience :)

If you have had a rank change in the forum and need it changed in Discord, please PM either myself or Proteus with your Discord id. No rank change will happen in Discord going forward without a PM.

If you are waiting for a change in rank or acceptance of your membership application, please be advised that there is a backlog that I need to get through. I will go as fast as I can but there may still be a further delay.

If you have not heard anything after this weekend please send me a PM directly so I can investigate.

Any questions, please post them here.

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Please contact me: moderator1 [at]
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01 Feb 2021 17:53 #358229 by Zero
Check this link edan, you may find it very useful. The ip team updates it regularly.

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