Behavior Unbecoming

13 May 2018 02:11 #321555 by Rosalyn J
Rosalyn J created the topic: Behavior Unbecoming
Good afternoon,

I'm writing to you all to let you know that we have witnessed poor Behavior in the Forum and in the shoutbox. Behavior like bullying and baiting others. Because we don't read PM's, we don't know what's happening behind the scenes in private inboxes, so we are going off what we see in public.
This behavior is not acceptable. It will no longer be allowed. There are a core group of people who consistently engage in such behavior, and it is causing a lack of quality activity on the forums. I'd like us all to agree to stop that now.

By continuing to utilize this space, we agree to abide by the rules set forth here:

To put it more bluntly:
Do not antagonize another member based on history or another sensitive subject.
Do not personally attack others in public or in PM
Practice empathy and perspective taking.
Dialogue about ideas and do not attack people
Take breaks when needed
And use this space appropriately.

Failure to abide by the above will result in suspension or permanent ban at the discretion of Council. Instances of this behavior can and should be reported to Security Officers Senan and JL Spinner

Thank you

Pastor, Temple of the Jedi Order
Teaching Maitre: Alexandre Orion
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Kyber,Freja Saol-Wasser, Tobias Giesel,and Jhannuzs
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