Ask Me Anything: Steamboat Edition.

03 Aug 2017 16:24 #294437 by steamboat28
The eight-petalled lotus signifies the eight worlds and eight directions, with the center circle (barely visible here) as this, central, world. The center, the mitsu tomoe, represents the various three-fold divisions: earth, sea, sky; mind, body, soul; positive, negative, neutral; higher world, lower world, central world.

3's and 8's (and their multiples and/or divisors) play a strong role in my personal view of the universe (four elements, 16 teachings, 9 as a number of completion), and radial symmetry is the order of the universe in my opinion, so I wanted something that spoke to those numbers while acknowledging both an Eastern and Western influence in my spiritual growth.

Do you think it suits me?

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