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Back in the day these used to be much more popular than they seem to be today. Seem's the focus has gone from Energy Work to Prayers instead. Hense the ever popular...Prayer Beads.

But when I first joined the community in early 2000. The focus on the Force and the energy that surrounded us was a much higher focus. How our energy flows, how the force flows around us - and through us, how each and every thing has a different sense or different vibration of energy. How these various vibrations can effect you and you effect them.

This is when Empathy was more of an energetic reaction towards other peoples "Force Energy" rather than towards a persons perspective or situational belief.

So if someone is projecting a vast amount of Negative/Dark/Tense energy - You as an Empath would soak that up and if you are untrained/unaware....reflect similar behaviors or energy.

I was really bad at that. My life at the time was going through some real hard struggles that had me moving from one place to another, meeting new people and dealing with the drama that came with it. I would get headaches and my mood would sway from one end of the spectrum to another which was not Natural to my own personality.

As an herbal learner I knew alot about the energy of plants and questioned the energy of stones.

While it is still common today i don't seen it as often in the Jedi Community as one would back then. But each stone often represented a set of purposes and meaning. Just like astrology, or animal totems, ect ect. After alot of research, hunting, and digging....I came upon two stones.

Jade and Hematite.

These two stones I crafted into a little bracelet and shortly after i found that the emotions and behaviors of others....effected me little to not at all. So I wore them all the time!! lol

Over the years, the Jade emerald color faded into a near white....

Weather or not the stones actually worked or it was just some form of mental association. I don't know. But id like to think that the stones faded due to all the negativity it had absorbed and protected me from. Par the advice of some friends and self reflection I ended up freezing the bracelet and destroying it with a hammer. (Which was quite satisfying)

Now my life is changing again. My family is going through a huge shift in our natural cycle and it's been effecting us in many ways. I find myself unable to wake up in the mornings, always tired, depressed and dragging my feet. I am stressed and worried and my husband is worse.....which just makes me feel worse.

So here I am again. Making an Shielding Bracelet in the hopes it will help me regain some of my old motivations lol

I thought I would share more openly here instead of in my journal. Below the pictures I thought I would also share and old lesson i wrote up for Just Jedi

NOTE:: This lesson is meant only as a sharing of information and not as an attempt to instruct anyone.

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Lessons on Stones
Warning: Spoiler!
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I read something about shield bracelets before and always wanted to try my hand at one. One of the temple members here made me a mala necklace of pure amethyst since that is my stone of choice (and works best for me) but I want my bracelet to be a mix of amethyst and the volcanic lava rock as seen here:


I just need to go get the stones so I can TRY and make it. I had the necklace that goes with the bracelet but it really helped with my anxiety!

(Btw, I hope the link is ok!! Sorry if I broke any rules, I'll be more than happy to edit it if I need to)

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I was very close to adding Volcanic beads to mine as well :) I decided to hold off for now. I may end up doing it anyways as I was hoping to attach a bit of symbology into the project

Tip: Purchase an essential oil you enjoy and soak the beads in them before drying in the sun. The stone will absorb the oil and hold the scent for some time. Which is an added bonus for aroma therapy on top of Energy Stones :)

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Good to know!

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Beautiful bracelet Triss! I love the color, the shape, and most especially the meaning and use!

I have something I use in a similar way. It's a slice of caribou antler I've hung on a leather necklace. It's mostly oval but has one side that points out. I also made a totem of Fox of clay, and while I was at it, I made two beads of the same clay that day. Those went to frame the antler slice so I can carry a part of him with me.

When I feel I need more strength or energy, I wear it with the point facing my heart. When I feel I could shed some overbearing emotion, I wear it facing away. It gives me a focus when I need it, I'll take it off and rub the marrow with my thumb to give me a tactile distraction in panic attacks or otherwise need calming down. The marrow will also hold oils with a strong smell for a few days, and have hints for weeks after.

I LOVE the idea of a bracelet but I can't wear it at work XD
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Thank you Kit! Yea thats the other thing that I like about Shielding Bracelets over Prayer Beads. I notice most prayer beads have tassles or feathers or more beads that hang at the end of them.

I make my shield bracelets to be adaptable to work and common use. Tassles and hanging strands get in the way XD This pair I decided to use a clasp since I didn't use a stretchy string like I did my last one.

here is the final pictures

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