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Here a general question from your Pastor

Has anyone who has become a Modern day Jedi - grown in their own faiths as far as organized religions? Has it made your faith weaker or more stronger? Has it stagnated your or has it created a flow?


Wondering and asking not for a friend - smiley face but for me.
Force keep y’all and hope to hear from y’all

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Personally it has given me not only growth but a sense of stability while dealing with the rocky relationship I have had with other faiths. I began to understand it through my lens of Christianity. It developed further through the questioning in exploring Judaism. It had added dimensions when I learned of magic use, connecting to a Life Force, and developed a practice of meditation. It has been there for me when other communities cast me out and tried to refuse me inclusion in their little corner of the world; through exploring other cultures and traditions; taught me to empathize with and understand concepts that would have been foreign to me otherwise. My faith seems to grow stronger when I meditate on it. Whether I call it faith in God or trust in the Force seems to matter little to the experience of it. The stagnation of it versus the creation of flow seems most linked to my willingness to act and trust my intuition. Meditation keeps my faith strong, but action keeps me moving and growing. Do or do not, there is no try. I try to throw myself into what I feel called to. When I make mistakes, I remember that failure is a great teacher. Doing so has reminded me more strongly of the Bible stories I was raised on, to the point I almost wonder if I should call myself Christian again. I only hesitate to do so because so few Christians would wish fellowship with me. But somehow, my Jedi practice makes that not seem so bad. After all, if Obi-Wan or Yoda could go into seclusion for so long, perhaps I can as well. The Force is in everything, while the Holy Spirit is supposedly only in true Christians. So I can find fellowship in anything if I look hard enough, and find connection to that God who commanded us to love others even in the most secular of places. Jediism for me is a mindset that is essentially a creation of my own sacred space. The trick is maintaining it throughout daily struggles.

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Widened in parts, and deepened in some but not all parts. Changed yes, grown in usefulness yes.

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