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And four hours later, wondering why they're thirsty :P

Akkarin wrote: Zen Buddhism is turning a jug full of water upside down and watching the water fall out.

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you can take a stroll through the buddhist forum, i posted a handfull of lectures there a while back.

as was mentioned zen incorporates many taoist concepts, it was also originally taught alongside martial arts. it's about experiencing the moment, there is no past, there is no future, there is no you, there is no me, there is just now.

i believe in the campbell lectures he's simply talking about the original form of buddhism(the one with hinduism concepts) the first buddha was raised hindu, then after abandoning his title(he was a prince)and renouncing all his possessions he lived as an ascetic monk but still did not find the answers he sought, he achieved enlightenment after meditating under the bodhi tree for several days...bodhi became bodhidharma...bodhi trees were called "the tree of enlightenment" which is why he chose to sit under one....

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