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Greeting Master Garm,

Not that I'm appling for the job but I'm sure whom ever desides to become your apprentiice will be throughly schooled in the way of the path. It sounds like your in a wonderful home.

Sammy Jay

Long life, good health

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you would think they'd train all their service techs to cover all aspects of an install/setup that way they could work more efficiently....when i worked for the cable company i was shown how to set up both cable and internet...even the verizon techs know how to work the cable/internet/phone stuff....

that's kind of ironic to have all that wooded property and still have to buy wood, it's like living on a lake and having to buy water....sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun on a chunk of property that size....must be nice...here in florida all the good property has been bought up and forclosed :laugh:

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Ok so my move is done and we are back to normal (almost) Our internet still sucks and I'm looking for a better way but it looks like sat is the only option other tham my suckish dial up. Sat is going to cost 300 dollars to install and then 60 bucks a month, but that's for a speed of 1mbps. I'm thinking about it.

Anyways I've been posting pictures on my facebook page, please visit and comment.



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