I Ching (and other Oracles)

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Like a ouija board.... :evil:

Which I used with my friend.....he was quite disappointed as absolutely nothing happened :unsure:

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8 years 10 months ago #180724 by J. K. Barger
Bump this!

I love the I-Ching. While I wouldn't say I use it for "answers" (I have a Magic 8-Ball for that ;) ), I use it when situations have multiple pressures at work to really get a feel of where the momentum of the 'whole' is going. The break down of of trigrams for 'past' and 'present' works really well because (especially as an artist) words carry lots of weight, color, and texture, and it is these associations that I "read" or permute in a meditation.

I have found that it's not about "giving a direct answer" as it is more about "giving shape to patterns" and that our skill (regardless of the oracle/divinatory method) in "reading" lies more in our ability to be open enough to our own sense of possibility and actuality. Especially if you get into the "Greater/Lesser (Older/Younger) Yin/Yangs"- it gets quite deep Alice :P :P :P

I think it is there that we really find that it is not the oracle "telling" us anything, but it is more about us "acknowledging" and becoming aware of that particular momenta of the Force.

Adder- I really dig that triangular arrangement!! I just thought about a way to stretch that triangle out to look like the Tree of Life!! Let me get some sketches and meditation sessions on it it, and I'll get back to you!

Good Luck, and Practice, Practice, Practice!! :cheer:

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