God of Love, God of Justice

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One could take the positive vibe or the general vibe. One could cherry pick the book for the occasional good thing and discard 80%+ of it as 'out of place'.

I tend to not do that. Even if the book was generally positive with a few wicked passages, there would not be an excuse for those, but instead it is generally rife with evil, short of the passages that are outside of discussion of morality, like statements of fact most of which are falsehoods, with only a few bits of seemingly decent phrases desperately shining through their occasional muffled glint, so there is not really much of a case for a both general and positive vibe, if we went just by the text.
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i really like the bible

i consider it a wisdom texts as much as anything else

and light said let there be god

something smaller than a moleculetoenail expanded into a universe in the time it takes to look up into the skay and recognize a constellation

and the garden, the idea of human in perfection but also a sort of simple ignorance

the idea that it was knowledge - especially The Knowledge of Good and Evil (or maybe positive and negative - right and wrong - maybe just the knowledge of duality itself? i dont say "i know you should belive this belive that" i say "this is great this is insigtful even if the insight is mine or yours)

and the serpent - a symbol of wisdom - asociated with satan whose name means the adversary - rooted in the word adversity - and opposer or opposition and accuser - associated with the fallen who is accused of battle with heaven and whose name is lucifer bringer/bearer of LIGHT
and jesus who IS the light
"god is light" is a quote from the NT

fiber optics?
light as information?
what if information is all there is?
in the begining was the word
let there be knowledge

what about the ralationships of jacob and esau and cain and abel?

recurring themes of hunter - gatherer culture being displaced by agri culture? thats a popular interpretation

the book ishmael by daniel quinn was pretty cool -its got a telepathic monkey and who doesnt love THOSE?

david had the first known special forces units made from men who could hit a strand of hair with a stone slung from either hand

jona wasnt swallowed by a whale he was running from his lifes responsibities
which really means his natural talents as a person
which we all have
and i understand this because i did it myself and a whale swallowed me too because of it

ecclasiasies why is wise man better than the fool - for there is no more rememberence of the wise than of the fool forever and ever and in the end how does the wise man die? just like the fool! vanity of vanities - all is vanity and chasing after the wind

someone once told me that in traditional hebrew culture of the general time of jesus the body was considered to have a "clean" side and a "dirty" side (which is a recurrinv theme in human thought although in other traditions such as nagualism its much more profound and empowering)

in this context "turn the other cheek" is explained as being "to hit me again you will have to dirty yourself" which is a powerful form of civil disobedience and standing on human dignity

i dont know if that is the "correct" interpretation in the eyes of people who think there IS a "correct" interpretation - or more to the point of those who think there is an INCORRECT interpretation

but its a GOOD interpretation and i LIKE it

and sarach gave tons of great insight about life and society

how many bible heroes were Power Dreamers?
from the very begining it was Power Dreamers who god revealed wisdom to and seleced for greatness so if you really want to serve god get serious about your dream life ?

i could go on and on

the bible is cool

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a67 wrote: :laugh:
The vibe... Thats a good one. I am just based on what story teach us along this thousands years.
Something we should all read it's the "Emerald Tablet of Thot". Just beware of that fruit there a missings tablet.
(and probably personal interpretation) B)

Also this it's a good story for kids. Anyway we are all kids of someone.
(how adult speak of reality to kid?) ;)

Hidden Human History Movie - Hypothesis for Consiā€¦ : http://youtu.be/uAm-kbzT7xw

ive seen this --

they mention the dogons knowledge of the stars

further reading on that
"consersations with ogotemmeli"
which i encountered from an interest in shamanism

which if youre interested
i recommend carlos castaneda, mircea eliade, michael harner, and terrence mckenna, whos got at least one of his vids floating around here somewhere
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