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a67 wrote: :laugh:
The vibe... Thats a good one. I am just based on what story teach us along this thousands years.
Something we should all read it's the "Emerald Tablet of Thot". Just beware of that fruit there a missings tablet.
(and probably personal interpretation) B)

Also this it's a good story for kids. Anyway we are all kids of someone.
(how adult speak of reality to kid?) ;)

Hidden Human History Movie - Hypothesis for Consiā€¦ : http://youtu.be/uAm-kbzT7xw

ive seen this --

they mention the dogons knowledge of the stars

further reading on that
"consersations with ogotemmeli"
which i encountered from an interest in shamanism

which if youre interested
i recommend carlos castaneda, mircea eliade, michael harner, and terrence mckenna, whos got at least one of his vids floating around here somewhere

People are complicated.
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