Mastering Balance

10 Jun 2024 11:21 #377082 by Eric
Mastering Balance was created by Eric
  As I have walked along the last few weeks it’s been clear that each person faces life differently and it is difficult to balance the trials of each day differently. What works for myself may not work for everyone else and THAT is where trial and error comes in.
   For me I have been taking 10-15 minutes each morning for meditation with some rain sounds or even music to clear my mind so I can focus my thoughts and emotions. During the day if I have a rough moment I can step back and reflect on the morning session and remember what it was like and bring that energy back into focus.
   For others it could be writing down thoughts and feelings on what the day was like and finding a way to make it better the next day or time a difficult day hits.
   Do not let your thoughts and emotions take root and start to control your mind and emotions. Find what helps you with a balanced mind and focus on your thoughts and feelings to bring them back to Center 
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10 Jun 2024 12:40 #377083 by Carlos.Martinez3
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That was this mornings lesson. 

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