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If any one is thinking, "Why did they have to call it Black Lives Matter? I'm so mad! I hate them(blm). I should protest against them! Yeah... that'll show 'em." if you're thinking this then you have to explain to me why disagreeing over the name rises to the level that would cause you to actually protest against the protest.

Fair? Explain, why you would make a sign... get in your car... join and coordinate with other people... who you are assuming aren't racist... and actually get out of your car... walk your behind over to the protestors, stand opposite of them with your own group... and shout your "suggestion" every time they say "black lives matter". If you can explain this to me... a man of reasonable intelligence... in a way that makes me a believer... I will personally hand deliver you a medal.


When counter protestors are willing to re-enact... the murder of George Floyd, what's that tell you? Does it not speak to the mindsets of the people protesting BLM? Can you not see how, perhaps, the counter-protesters might be racists? I mean... normally racism isn't typically so graphically expressed. I mean... racists do not normally spell it out for you in big bold letters. There was a time, believe it or not, that they felt they had to use dog whistles so that only other racists would pick up on what they were saying.

Do you regularly protest a group because they didn't take a suggestion of yours? If you suggest Chick fila opens on Sunday would you go as far as to protest the company?

You are a very rational person who I respect. I cannot, for the life of me, see you doing such a thing. There are white people in the background of this news report holding up "black lives matter" signs. When I went to the gym last week I saw a white guy with a black lives matter t-shirt. Guess what? That made me hopeful. Because they get it and aren't afraid to show support for it.


Now are there good folk who aren't racist that think all lives matter? EVERYONE should think all lives matter! This is not something BLM has ever struggled with. So why is anyone acting as if this is something that NEEDS to be said? No, what needs to be said is specifically that black lives matter and it is well said by Ashton Kutcher. I don't buy into his analogy 100%. Because it's not about "black going first" in any kind of way. It's not like we need to do Brown Lives Matter next, and then White. No, this is a message for those who behave as though black lives do not matter TO THEM.

And we don't care about these people normally. They can re-enact the murder of George Floyd or not as they see fit. They are free to hate me as they see fit. It's a free country. We have always known those people exist and if you or anyone else is horrified at that, trust that we are not. We care when these people wear badges. We care when these people, people who quite obviously do not care about black lives, are given the authority of the state to kill us and get away with it. And we would kindly prefer if those people didn't harass us at parks, pools, parking lots, our own homes, etc. If someone is a racist that's their problem, not mine. However, if they're going around killing us then they have made it what SHOULD be a problem for everyone.

Should be. It isn't though because a lot of people don't care because black lives don't matter to them either.

To the purpose of the message must remain crystal clear and undiluted by universal ambiguity. In no uncertain terms must we reaffirm for those hard headed and hard hearted, that the lives of black people just like the lives of whites... matter too. Anyone who doesn't get it, needs to get it instead of trying to change it into something they agree with more easily. It's not for us to agree with you. That's not a protest. It's not everyone's protest. Just like the civil rights movement wasn't everyone's protest. Everyone wasn't going through the same thing. Everyone wasn't being treated as subhuman. Everyone wasn't told to drink from a different water fountain. Everyone is not in the same boat! That's the problem! You can support these movements and protests but you can't own it.


Now why did Seth Rogan brutally respond to people supporting ALM in response to his pro BLM post? Because either they didn't get it and honestly weren't trying to, or they do get it but they're racists and therefore their racial bias prevents their agreement. The post they show saying "I love seth rogen's approach to racists" is by what looks to be a white lady. Is she a psychic? How does she know they're racists? Isn't such an attack counter-productive? No... because those people are not supporters. They are detractors. They're working against the message with anti-blm propaganda. That's all it is and Seth wasn't confused, nor were plenty of his followers. And we don't reach out to them because we don't need them.

Billie Eilish's post is also noteworthy. She says "No one is saying your life doesn't matter. No one is saying your life is not hard. This is not about you. Stop making everything about you. You are not in need. You are not in danger."

Now, in context, she's talking about in danger from the police. What she means is... if you're walking down the sidewalk minding your own business there is a chance you might get mugged. It's possible. But there's very very little chance the police are going to stop you, ask you a bunch of questions, and shoot you and claim you were reaching for a pocket knife when they have guns. There's very little chance you feel danger from the police right now as we speak. Billie absolutely gets it and I applaud her.



And Lastly, I'll reiterate the point I made before because I honestly never get tired of it. ALM is not an organization that pre-existed BLM. It's not really an organization at all. ALM doesn't exist to protect all lives. Where are they with the hurricanes? Where are they with PETA? Where are they on gun control? Where are they on innocent people who are in prison? Where they at? If they only exist in the same sphere as BLM... then they are simply stealing 2/3 of the BLM name in order to create opposition; intellectually dishonest opposition, to BLM. BLM never said "only" black lives matter. And if someone mistakenly thought that... just ask. But to take that assumption and protest... nah... that takes something else. And they think they aren't drawing attention to that thing but in reality they are exposing themselves.

If you agree that "all lives matter" join the club. So do I. You're not the problem.

If you disagree with black lives matter and want to attack it publicly... then you are the problem.
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Some people may think I don't give the police a good enough chance to explain their actions and behavior. It easy to believe that the black community is biased because we're the targets. People often talk about crime as if all black people who are ever questioned by cops are either criminals or the propensity towards criminality is so high in our community that cops can just pull us over at random.

But even if we take it case by case... the more you are exposed to all the details, the more you question the police who aren't used to being questioned, the more you challenge their narrative as propaganda, the more you see things that aren't right. See... police departments all know they just have to convince a jury. If you weren't there, you're going to be given many of the same facts and story that jury will get. And if this story is just a soundbite to you, then it may be easy to assume that Kenneth Walker was a bad guy trying to have a shoot out with the police.

And the whole narrative hinges on the question, did he know.

Police are going to return fire. That's a given.

If he knew they were cops then that means he knew a firefight was about to happen and it would escalate, much like it does in GTA. This idea, that a guy thinks he's going to shoot a few cops and escape on foot is nice for a movie but rarely ever happens unless the person is so adamant about not going to jail that they're willing to commit suicide. I've seen an attempt at suicide by cop, not 30 feet away. I knew the guy. He was supposed to be on medication but most people who are supposed to take that kind of medication hate doing it because of how it makes them feel like a zombie. So even though he literally asked the cops to shoot him, they didn't. And he's still alive today.

But every police dept isn't the same. And when Kenneth Walker calls the police he clearly doesn't know who just shot his girlfriend. So if he thought it was a home invasion, maybe you have one chance to scare the invader(s) away by showing you're armed and not afraid to use it. But since they were cops they played the first part of home invader, they broke in but instead of being scared off they took it as a challenge that gave them the right to kill.

Had they said "This is the police. Put down your weapon." he would have then known and he could have complied. But even after his girlfriend is shot one of the officer says its unfortunate he wasn't shot too. Of course, how were they to know it was a warning shot if they couldn't see it? More than likely they just assumed that no one living there would fire a warning.

And I've had the police come to my door before. It was early in the morning. They knocked and stood to the sides so that I wouldn't see them when I looked out of the peep hole. So no, of course they didn't identify themselves. Because I didn't know who it was I even went back to my room to go back to sleep. Heard the knock again. At this point... I can definitely understand how someone with a gun might be real scared. If someone's hiding outside your door, knocking but not identifying themselves, and empty field of view could be the last thing you see. Many people aren't going to take that chance.

I didn't have a gun. Didn't even like guns. But something told me it was probably the police. Sure enough, as soon as opened the door I got arrested for a failure to appear in court. Did they know the crime I was accused of? I don't think so. The way I was handcuffed? And not showing up in court was a misunderstanding because the officer who wrote me the ticket told me that if I paid it before the court date I wouldn't have to show up in court. I literally did that. The problem is that I was in Alabama and apparently if you pay the ticket the court didn't get notified back then so it was like one hand didn't know what the other was doing. And I was still in college so still somewhat clueless about all the stupid ways you could accidently run afoul of the law. I'm not trying to make excuses, mind you. I'm just saying there are plenty of situations where regular citizens are treated like dangerous criminals over even traffic violations. What if one of the officers was trigger happy and heard a sound from inside that sounded like a click? Or what if he heard something in his own head? Who knows how lucky I was?

Point is, the police invite things like this to happen by trying to use these squad tactics like they're playing a video game. That's why I believe they didn't identify themselves or do so loudly or repeatedly so that they both knew. Because I think when they hide outside your door like that, even though they have a warrant, they're trying to surprise you and catch you off guard.

Something else:
According to USA Today "The warrant for Taylor's address was approved due to Taylor’s prior association with a suspect in a drug case."

They had a "no-knock" warrant because some judge agreed that she had a prior relationship to a suspect. So this judge thought it was okay to assume that she was still and that police could barge in at any time to search for drugs. A lot of people have, at some point, been involved in a relationship to a person who, at some point, has sold or done drugs or committed some other crime.

“No-knock warrants” are search warrants that authorize law enforcement to enter a private premise without announcing their presence. Such warrants are issued when a judge agrees that announcing law enforcement’s presence may allow suspects to destroy potential evidence or endanger police safety.

You endanger police safety by making a homeowner think the people outside their door could be a home invader with a gun who will rob them and possibly kill them. This is what happened in this case and it could have been avoided. That's why they banned the no knock warrant which assumes that the benefit of the element of surprise to law enforcement outweighs the potential for misunderstanding. And instead of blaming themselves for the misunderstanding, because a judge said they could do it, they blamed the boyfriend who has never done anything in his life as if his first crime was attempted murder on a police officer. But if he wasn't guilty of anything why would he try to have a shoot out? Unless he didn't know who it was.

So while he says he didn't know, they had a no-knock warrant which is specifically for not telling people you're cops, and when you add both of these together it sounds like the boyfriend is the one telling the truth. But, and this is something black people know, it's not about the truth. It's about what a jury will believe. Will the jury believe the black boyfriend? Or multiple cops who they don't know and cannot assume lie for each other? These stories, like "All Lives Matter" are attacks based on propaganda; based on appealing to what white's already believe about black people and then standing in solidarity behind the police because they are thought to be more credible because they're "just doing their job". We know, however, that isn't always the case and that they lie for each other when mistakes are made. And why not? If you make a mistake and someone covers for you, they know they can count on you to lie for them if they make a mistake. Meanwhile, all these lies pile up and help to reinforce the racial divide.
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These kinds of protests are pretty concerning, there are a lot of boarded up windows in Seattle Business.
The problem with City Cops is that the cops are placed in neighborhoods where they are strangers.
A trouble maker can harming Innocent people in poor neighborhoods; where crime is Most present. In the end of the day, the cop can go back home without any remorse.
If we restrict cops to working in their own neighborhoods, there is no way you can get away with harming an innocent. If a cop harmed a innocent civilian in his own neighborhood, the local priest will know about it. ;)

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering ~ Yoda
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