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Hello and welcome to Nakis' workshop!

This journal is open for anyone to come in and post something they are working on, or questions, when it comes to sermons/messages. If you have something you want to work on and let me pull it apart, toss it here and let's work on your message crafting!

My usual basis for messages are:

Hook - A story or something relevant to the listener that showcases the message's intent.
Main idea - Presenting the message's main idea
Breaking it down - Find 2-3 different reasons why this might be important to the listener and explaining key points to the idea
Wrapping it up - Tying everything together at the end in a way that makes sense to the listener
Challenge - Offering a personal challenge or suggestion to the listener to do something related to the main idea.

The idea being sort of a persuasive essay with a fun and engaging story at the start to get people invested. Now, this doesn't mean everything has to be like this! This is just how I like to do things and every writer has their own flow, style, and flavor of writing and processing information. I love drawing on natural environments and animals unless I have to draw on personal experience. I hate using jokes to bring people in. Others love a good joke and tie in. I also love fun imagery, such as with my sermon "Sweet Backflips and Yoda" ( I enjoy challenging the idea that we have to be stodgy with philosophy whereas others might like to serve something a bit more meaty when it comes to messages. I also try to throw references at the bottom for additional reading because no one wants to open a reference document mid backflip with Yoda.

So, please feel free to post here, it might take me a little to read and break down my thoughts, but I'll get to it!


Requested format of posting

Message Title:
1-3 sentences as to what you want to convey in terms of message
1-3 sentences as to why you think this is important
1-3 sentences as to how you want your audience to feel during the message
1-3 sentences as to how you want your audience to feel after the message
1-3 sentences as to what you DO NOT want your audience to learn/think/feel about your message topic


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