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Anyone have any idea what this is? There have been several studies predicting that there will be a rise in guilt-gifting this year. Why you ask? Primarily the Covid-19 virus.

Many parents harbor feelings of guilt because their children or loved ones have been stuck at home, learning online and not getting to spend time with friends and family. So many parents will buy more extravagant gifts than they might normally to “make up” for what their children have been going through.

Fancy gifts might be nice but it is not what makes children happy. Connection, spending time doing things together, playing with you, these are things that actually make children happy. When my daughter was down or bored I would ask her if she wanted to go treasure hunting. Her eyes would light up and I would grab our cheap, Walmart special, metal detector. That piece of junk couldn’t find snow in the middle of a Russian winter; but, we had a blast searching and digging every time it beeped, squawked or grunted. Mostly we found junk but sometimes we would find something that made us ask, “What is it?” or “how did that get here?” We would take our treasures home and use the computer to research and find out what we had and anything significant about it.

I am not suggesting everyone go out and buy a metal detector. I happened to chance into that discovery. My daughter and I were shopping and saw them on clearance. I said that it looked like fun and she asked what it was. So I told her it was a way to find things that were lost, treasures and things we didn’t even know were there! A smile crept across her face and she asked if we could get one. I figure for $30 it would at least be worth a try. And if it bombed I could sale it our spring garage sale. LOL

Find something you can do with the ones you love. Dig a hole to China! And you might spend the day looking at the different rocks and other things you might find in that hole. You can always fill it back in when you’re done. Get construction paper and make Christmas ornaments, cards, decorations or whatever! Bake and decorate cookies! Work a puzzle. Who cares? The world is yours for the taking and your children/loved ones would love to do it with you! Let your imagination free. Let go your reservations and love the ones you’re with.

And forget the ridiculously expensive gifts. They only end up drawing people further apart or collecting dust anyways.

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Thanks Master Wes,
Gifting is weird in the states. My own practice- we do not watch TV - ESPECIALLY during holidays. Our choice. Being bombarded with request for purchases is not my thing. If you listened to commercials all day, you will begin to notice the trend. My ENCOURAGMENT to every parent this year is to give the gift that hits the spot. We have been trying to teach the two kids we have who are five years apart to function with each other better. This years gifts are for bringing the fighting wolfs together. Its easy to be "guilted" in to something we do not have a guard for or a idea for , in the real world the old saying "Stand for something or fall for everything" comes to mind. Especially with family and gifts. I do not feel bad any more that my kids don't get things on one day. Washout the commercials and television to drive the "gimmies" my kids chase chickens in the yard. What toy could I possibly find that can be more fun than dirt? BUT that's my choice. There are thousand of choices this year - and next year. The goal of this section of the Temple is to give Parents willing NEW ideas and ways and see what others do to get over the real questions.
Guilt gifting is real.
I love the Grand daddy the Grandfather role or the pawpaw in the family. I have been memorized by my elders and the elders of others for quite some time in my life. One of the things I have found was in a knife next to "Roar," a guy who taught me how to whittle. I suck at it but I did learn that to carve something for some one is a act of love you can put into things not so ordinary. Sounds like magic but its not. I later learned it was the time and the effort that makes some things "classic." "The reasons behind the stuff usually makes the stuff sacred." Maybe a good time to pass this season something that has a bit more time and effort and less guilt but more - you and less tag or TV? The choice is always ours but my hope is this can add just one more idea to your holidays and to your every day Modern Jedi life.

Something to think about
One, ten dollar journal no one will use or ten one dollar journals you will have to return to get more for ? Enjoy this years seasons friend and family. May the Force we share be with yall still!

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