Do you need Balance of Family?

15 Dec 2020 17:18 #356933 by Carlos.Martinez3
As Modern day Jedi, we learn and we grow. We also TRY as Jedi to maintain a personal balance. WORK BILLS RELATIONSHIPS One of those examples of balance is kids and family. I want to open this forum post to dialogue and questions.
Ill gladly answer as fitting and I encourage others to do the same if it pertains.

Sharing not shaming

How do you balance the Jedi path and family? for real? How does being a parent and a Jedi change things? Does it? Does it unite with others or share or spill over in other things? Does it matter to the parents who are Jedi? Does it matter to those who are not?

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23 Dec 2020 18:02 #357112 by
Replied by on topic Do you need Balance of Family?
Okay, first I thhought this is easy to answer, biut the more I think about it, the more difficult it is...

As a father of two and a wonderful wife I see this familything as the perfect mind- (and body-) training!
Within your own family you can prove the truth of the teachings in the best direct way.

I would divide it into three areas.

1. Family
As a jedi I look for balance. To get balance I take a step back to get a wider view on things that I can judge more objectively.
This leads sometimes to frustration, anger or dispute, so it won't work with a lot of love and serenity.

2. your wife / husband / life partnership
the longer the relationshop lasts, the more teamwork, understanding, reliabilty and trust grows. It is important have a lot of tenacity, comprehension, appreceation and the will to heal wounds.
In Germany (and maybe in other coutrys too) it is much easier to throw things away and buy something new, than to repair
and take care of it.
I believe the deeper and longer we go the jedi way, the less materialistic we are going to be. It is important
to let the band of relationship not disappear.
Freedom is another thing. Love means being able to let go.

3. Children
Oh yes they teach patience, courage, tenacity/persistence and the ability to get into really frustrating discussions and verbal fights - AND the ability to forgive, to admite a mistake, to say sorry.

My parents told me, we are the fiirst in nearly everything in our children lives. They learn by idol, not only by teachings.

In my eyes a family ist something like a "real life school for jedis". Learning by try and error - but it can be the
best teacher... :)

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