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13 Dec 2020 17:46 #356892 by Carlos.Martinez3
To those who have kids, do you take a Jedi approach to parenting or any other "themed" ideas as far as parenting is involved. If so, care to share? Feel free to share

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23 Dec 2020 18:11 #357113 by
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Yes, for sure.
Jediism is my way of life and I believe it is the best fitting for me.


I believe that every free person should be able to choose the right way for himself - and every free person should be
teached about the multiple ways, or be abled to learn the for himself.

I was not raised up very religious, my family is more or less a freethinker-family. We have great philosophical discussions in the kitchen with readings and the tryx and error thing.
My mother was highly interested in buddhism, daoism, paganism and my father was more or less the abrahamitic one. My sisters (I got 4) were mostly interested in humanism and spiritualism - so you can imagine what always happens... :)

With this background I teach my kids everything I know, and evrything I am not sure or really don't know we study together by reading books, going into the museum, asking friends and so on.

I would like to see my children going their own way and I am sure it will be the right way for them.

And is this not the way of jediism? Knowledge... ;)

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