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May the Force be with you and welcome to this part of the Temple. It is new, so bare with us as it begins to take shape.
Please use this section for posting and sharing things having to do with FAMILY. As Modern Day Jedi we share. Part of some of our paths include parenting and relationships NOT on a individual level. If balance is important, then finding balance at home WITH family can be had as well and can be equally important. This section can be used for anything family oriented so all rules still apply. Questions comments concerns so on, click here
Any comments and actual recommendations are valid. Send em here to me at the Temple via Pm or directly if you like.

* As no one can actually tell any parent what to do, keep in mind that what we do is share here, especially here in this section. Just share.

Any Parent who is a Member can post in this section of the Temple. Your Parent badge may be filthy or broke but in this part it is in full glow.
Care to share?

Be mindful of criticism as well - these can be touchy and PERSONAL subjects, so as Modern day Jedi, it is my hope this is a help and a build.
May the Force we share as Modern Day Jedi parents continue to be with yall!

Pastor of Temple of the Jedi Order
Build, not tear down.
Nosce te ipsum / Cerca trova
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