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18 Dec 2023 16:10 #375105 by Streen
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I had a dream last night that I believe was meant for more than just me.

I was in some sort of spaceship, someone sitting beside me in the co-pilot seat.  We were outside the universe.  In fact, we were outside of every universe, but by accident.  Our ship jumped too far.  What I mean by that is there were millions of universes within our view.  They were in a spiral.  My co-pilot was about to jump again but it would have left us so far away from the universes, out in the black, that we wouldn't have been able to find our way back.  The Biblical "outer darkness" came to mind.

What I didn't realize until this morning was that the universes weren't just in any spiral.  Each universe was a chemical base of DNA (the AGCT parts).  The spiral was a DNA double helix!  And each universe was one of the AGCT bases, connected together by cosmic strings.

Now, what comes to mind is that—even if you don't believe in a multiverse—what I was seeing was the DNA of God.

What do you think of all this?


The truth is always greater than the words we use to describe it.
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18 Dec 2023 21:52 #375108 by The Coyote
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It's an interesting Dream that you've had!

I recently read an article about how the known Universe has a similar appearance to a Brain and how it functions.

I see something else as a similar trend in the known Universe - "As above, so below". We have internal bodily conflict (such as high Oxidative Stress, Or Cancer). We also have Human-to-Human Conflict (War). We also see large-level conflicts of Meteors Crashing into Planets, Light pulled into Black Holes and other things.

We also see unity reflected similarly. The process of Conception leads to a new unified life. Communities unite together to build something stronger. Planets falling into the orbits of Stars, and at least 1 known example that has led to life.

Is there such a thing as Cosmic DNA that reflects this "As above, so below" concept? Perhaps. I can't say I know everything, but I think there's good reason to think it's possible.

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19 Dec 2023 13:31 - 19 Dec 2023 13:33 #375112 by Carlos.Martinez3
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There is a quote from a book called "The Giver" by Lois Lowry in which one of the main characters states, " A dream. A combination of reality, fantasy, emotions and what you had for dinner." We are sometimes not involved in the dream state or state of mind, that's why it fascinates me so much as well. Look up or ask others you know about what dreaming of DNA can be. There are definitions of certain types of dreams, and you can find authors like Jung and most anyone who has internet access. In my own circles, dreams are meant for the dreamer, rarely others. They are gifts into what we as the dreamer truly have on the inside. I like dreams. The real ones because only that person will know what it means in their or its (the dreamers) time. If I told my Elders I dreamed of cosmic DNA, they would tell me to keep going. You are only planting and killing what is dead now. The fruit of the dream will reveal itself to you. I have been told this several times- " Keep dreaming, you will get it in the daytime that which you know at night. " From one dreamer to the next, Pastor Carlos

Keep dreaming and face reality. There are tools we have and those we forge. Some are given and some are made. May the Force be with you.
Andy Weir describes what he saw as a egg. Some describe their dreams as nets or webs. Some describe dreams in what way they know how or study. I am no android, but I do dream of electric sheep. Just a joke there, be well. 

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19 Dec 2023 20:09 #375113 by JenWanSea
Replied by JenWanSea on topic Cosmic DNA
I love this. This is actually the way I have always imagined myself in relation to the "body of God," as it were...that I feel we could each be as one cell within that "body."
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21 Dec 2023 19:01 - 21 Dec 2023 19:01 #375118 by Streen
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My thoughts exactly 

The truth is always greater than the words we use to describe it.
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08 Feb 2024 23:07 #375590 by ZealotX
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I think, for "God" mind and body are really one and the same thing. The vision of the universe, in this way, is on the minds of many of us because at some level we are all connected, just like the planets into solar systems and solar systems into galaxies and so forth. 

At every level, in the microscopic, the rules of physics still apply. So if things on a higher level look too different from things on the smaller level then that would be the oddity; not that things resemble forms we know, but that that things were alien. Our expectations are biased towards the alien but the reality is that everything should be familiar because the same laws that make trees, make galaxies.

So if we consider DNA to be "information" that creates "rules" that shape and govern the body, then the body of the universe also has to have such instructions. The information, in this case, could be seen as the periodic table of elements, and the rules are the laws of physics.

Often dreams reflect what we already "know" about reality but not necessarily constructed from different pieces of information. Keep in mind that, most of the way we learn is by deconstruction and dividing information into little digestible bits. But you get more answers by taking those bits and reconfiguring them back into larger "bytes". This makes it seem new when in reality your mind was already aware of it. You just weren't fully conscious of the answers you already had.

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