Conflict Resolution/Handling Conflict Like an Adult

22 Feb 2020 01:42 - 22 Feb 2020 03:22 #349921 by OB1Shinobi
This is a topic that is relevant to everyone. We are all going to experience conflict in our lives, even those of us who are not particularly aggressive or rambunctious. How do we deal with it? How do we affirm ourselves in a way that is both honest and effective at protecting our own interests without causing the situation to explode? At what point do we have to acknowledge that we are being too sensitive and and taking offense where there isnt any? How do we recognize when we are the ones responsible for the conflict in the first place? At what point is it appropriate to just fight to win, tooth and nail and blood and guts?

Im going to use this video of Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman discussing their “feud” as a starting point for the discussion but by all means, if the title or these questions evoked a reaction from you, feel free to speak whats on your mind.

People are complicated.
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