How much authority does OP have?

08 Feb 2020 20:22 #349636 by Fyxe

TheDude wrote:

Fyxe wrote: So how do they have the authority if they cant enforce that authority? Recently a thred was locked here by leadership only because they did not like the opinion of the thread. Authority that has no actual authority is not real authority.

They can enforce that authority by typing it in their OP post. That is, they have the authority to make a request, as anyone does at any time. No one is obligated to follow a request, but it is generally considered impolite to reject a request for civility.
In my view, the words anyone chooses to voice here are the same as words a person says aloud. If someone wishes to respond, they will. You make the decision of what to say and whether or not to say it, but you have no ultimate control over anyone else or what they say in response to you.

Well if it is considered impolite then there exist here some of the rudest people anywhere! I have requested such things in my threads and immediately get bombarded with responses that I dont to just get to request such a thing.

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08 Feb 2020 22:40 - 08 Feb 2020 23:30 #349644 by OB1Shinobi

Fyxe wrote:
Well if it is considered impolite then there exist here some of the rudest people anywhere! I have requested such things in my threads and immediately get bombarded with responses that I dont to just get to request such a thing.

Yours is an exceptional case, Fyxe, as youre asking people to abandon rational thinking when they talk to you. Its not about the specific things that you believe so much as its about the process that you use to determine your beliefs. The things you say are flat out irrational. The process that youre using to draw you conclusions and decide what you believe is irrational. Whats more, the responses that you give to people are often not really appropriate to the comments that youre responding to. Meaning, you either didnt understand what the person was saying to you or you deliberately tried to twist what they said into something else.

I understand that Gisteron speaks in a challenging tone and if it were only Gisteron that you had trouble with, i might chalk it up to Gisteron simply being confrontational because he wants to be confrontational. But its not only Gisteron. In fact, id say Gisteron (and maybe Rex) has/have been THE MOST PATIENT with you out of everyone here. Many MANY members have tried to get through to you at one time or another but you refuse to give an honest review of the feedback that you receive. As a result, not too many people even talk to you, anymore. You can confirm this here:
Go back to your first couple weeks of interacting and count how many people who WERE talking to you and ask; where are they now?

To be clear, Im not trying to attack you or belittle you or hurt your feelings.This is honest feedback that could benefit you if youd honestly consider it.

People are complicated.
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09 Feb 2020 17:25 #349652 by Carlos.Martinez3

OB1Shinobi wrote:

Gisteron wrote: Your journal is the place you go to say things you do not wish discussed in any way. Or so I thought until I learned that apparently any and every thread can be essentially a journal, if only one declares that they ought be. It turns out, don't you know, that which ever thread one creates one gets to be King in, because of a reason too obvious to be explained in the rules.

This could be a potentially useful discussion. There is a precedent of topic starters having some authority about the direction the topic is meant to take. Zenchi’s Dark Side Meditations thread is one that comes to mind for me because i remember him specifically telling people it wasnt intended as an open discussion and it wasnt going to become one. But it doesnt seem like a good idea to me that the entirety of the forum be made into some kind of intellectual safe space, where we all have the privilege of silencing any idea or opinion that is contrary to our own. How much authority should OP have? None whatsoever? Dictator status? Is there some reasonable point between?

This one was not easy for me to answer. In real life when a person asks for boundaries and limits -bet you me I am not going to clearly violate any limitation - intentionally. This is my choice. I never will tell any which to choose or which not to choose. I’m just sharing mine. I understand at the same time we want to all learn and be able to share- but at the request of others is where I draw the line in real life- so it may be habit - to act the same way online. In a forum setting if it’s not in the designated area - shrugs - it’s in a open forum for all to participate. That’s what forums are for - right? Here’s the real talk- journal’s - what’s needed and what we have can be a constantly changing thing. I’m down to always hear of new ways and new ideas - is there a real way to remedy this? Are there those who come to learn and who come to learn in ways that aren’t compatible with others? What and how do both or all schools if idea and thought and practice - grow together or separate? Do we need a section for open journals - ? Separate from personal journals or have a personal journal area marked clearly just for that - I mean - this is cyber space - we can make anything we need.

So to answer the question - each of us can give any amount or form of learn or even communication and it may not be compatible with some. That ok too. My hope is that as modern day Jeddist we each find our own balance of character - faith or Jedi type of character or a mix of it all and act on it rather than finding so much difference - we start seeing the similarities- just my hope. That path - can lead any one down wonderful things- regardless of faith or level.

Real talk - I personally don’t come here to be right or lead any one any where- I share - that’s it. Every lessons here done -is sharing and it’s in the share I find things - any one can. Does the OP have the right to make rules for their posts yes - very much so - its also as equal a right for some to NOT abide by them as well in a public forum- so then - at that point - when are we sharing ? Sounds like pissing matches or moment to argue rather than anything else. Ultimately- it’s up to each of us how we will react and no one can really tell you how YOU will act - that’s on you. I know how I would reply truthfully to a thread I didn’t want to follow their rules - i wouldn pm - private message and go from there - that almost always works when I use it.Most times most requests are pretty reasonable but you will have those places - dark or personal - but most times they clearly marked here. So do we need anything different ?

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