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Has the force gotten more personal to you and if so please share Jedi/Sith Real

15 Nov 2019 00:29 #345587 by Mira
this is where i speak from the reality of things. Not a movie which this is where i flare up a bit because sith is not evil irl.
Have you met any irl sith? I mean i feel that is unfair to be putting a label on a person based on a movie same with jedi.
What a jedi should be or not be for while we do study the basic template i realized it grew to a personal level. Your thoughts?
i personally am a jedi and when you tell me what i am not it only fuels me knowing people will try to label or tell me otherwise. Which a jedi stands up for what they believe in and it may not always be the same. I am the cosmic jedi who studies the force as a whole learning to master myself. Ever had another tell you what you are and how did you handle that? Do you agree or disagree?
I serve a higher purpose for i use my reiki to heal and i support others. I serve no one yet the force yet by choosing to be me for often doing the right thing is hard. Setting boundaries is often hard and trapping yourself in a mold is the first start. For then you realize what kind of jedi you are and how that goes into your mission. Your flow and every jedi is different for exampe you have elemental jedi. Healer jedi and many others some work with environmental and some the artistic jedi. Who use their gifts to raise up our world through power of song/dance etc. Force is given out and translated many different ways
It grows from our mantra yes and you realize things about yourself for example "there is no emotion yet peace." i immediatley said there is lots of emotion. Yet i choose to find peace for example some sith are way to reactive. I have met some sith energies in my life and look forward to dueling some for that will be interesting. Jedi combats with because sith give into emotion yet it rules them
Realistically as a follower of the fore and it's many facets....dark aspect being one of them. I learn to feel my emotion yet not let it rule me there is an added awareness that can happen. Jedi i was taught to just shove light on it and lifes good right be light and love. Which was a great way to combat yet also was my demise for i realized i was shutting down a part of myself. To put two together there is a new found energy and strength that i am learning to wield. To use and further my own life thus also allowing me to come alongside others when they appear. I have hosted people as i am a shaman and love it when i can do something impactful for another. There is the good the give and take, push to pull, Ebb and flow which is balance.
Jedi taught me to forgive and show mercy also patience. Dark aspect i can be impatient sometimes and heh neither are perfect. There is a constant journey of self mastery and i think them pieces to a puzzle that when you put them together. There is something there that makes a whole new warrior.
So when someone lacks in my team using both sides really helps and remembering i too was once in their shoes. I was once like them and when they fall into my lap i can raise up another. People really need that sometimes and what i receive i can give back for again give to receive. Ebb and flow push to pull this is how the cosmos works or force as we call it
it all started with myself though and when doing self work i go introverted then go out when i am done emerging from my cave. Otherwise i am a wounded healer which does a big dis service and is selfish. There is a difference yet dudes this is awesome being here with you all. I hope you are all having a blessed week and mtfbwy
I now wish to hear your story and thoughts as to if the force has become more personal? Please keep this clean and respectful for i know we all have different opinions yet please respect everyones difference. I hope everyone is well and looking forward to reading your responses.
-May the force be with you

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15 Nov 2019 01:35 #345589 by Rex
What is the reality of things you mention?

Do people discover their "calling"/"purpose" or do they make it?

Does the nature of the force or the energy you use in Reiki matter if makes you and others better in some abstract sense?

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