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11 Jul 2019 12:24 #340365 by ནའдհдཀ༑ནკ
Does anyone have a personal code that deviates from the Jedi code? The two versions feel a bit ambiguous to me.

Emotion, yet Peace. There is no Emotion, there is Peace.
Ignorance, yet Knowledge. There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge.
Passion, yet Serenity. There is no Passion, there is Serenity.
Chaos, yet Harmony. There is no Chaos, there is Harmony.
Death, yet the Force. There is no Death, there is the Force.

While stating "Yet" does offer me some way of accepting one presentation of the code is still doesn't feel complete somehow to me. "There is no..." just sounds so absolute and finite that I would feel hard pressed to live up to that. For my own clarity I thought I would make an adjustment to these lines to make it more meaningful and understandable to me.

The Code:
There is no Light or Dark only that in which one pursues
Through my Emotions, I find Peace
Where I find Ignorance, I will seek Knowledge
In my Passions, I will know Serenity
With the Chaos, I bring Harmony
Death is not the end, there is The Force

I've come to believe that the Force is without light or dark, just that we are programmed to understand a good and bad side of things. Because of this, when we make choices, our choices consist of a light/selfless side and dark/selfish side. There really is only us that drives the Force in the light and dark.
We as people are filled with emotions, even as I feel these emotions I must find peace.
When I find that I am in ignorance of something, I must seek to find knowledge with an open mind to appreciate all things for what they are.
Many talk about using their passion to increase their "abilities," but I must balance this with serenity. Don't be overwhelmed by my passions, temper them.
The world is chaos, it is all around us in almost everything we do. I am the calming force to that storm. I bring harmony where there is chaos.
The Force will eventually welcome me back, and with that I will not die or cease to exist, I will be there in all things as the Force is everywhere.

I was just curious how others work themselves within the codes that have been outlined in the teachings, or do you establish your own citation to make it more understandable and applicable to who you are?

May the force serve you well.
I am one with the force, the force is with me.

Peter Schow
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11 Jul 2019 21:50 - 11 Jul 2019 21:52 #340382 by Neaj Pa Bol
Replied by Neaj Pa Bol on topic Personal Code
Quiet your emotions to find inner peace.
Learn from ignorance to foster knowledge.
Enjoy your passions but be immersed in serenity. Understand the chaos to see the harmony.
Life and death is to be one with the Force.

Author: Unknown
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12 Jul 2019 02:02 #340388 by Kelrax Lorcken
Replied by Kelrax Lorcken on topic Personal Code
I only yesterday was inspired to create my own, and it's in my journal, for which there's a link in my signature.

Kelrax "Stormcaller" Lorcken, Jedi Pathfinder
May The Force Guide You

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12 Jul 2019 15:14 #340393 by Carlos.Martinez3
Replied by Carlos.Martinez3 on topic Personal Code
For me - I wouldn’t use the word deviate- to me “along with” is normally how I see it and use it. For me, codes are special and even personal. As humans , not just modern day Jeddist, we can choose our codes - clearly and with no real big dramma some times... some times-lol.
I bought the John Wayne code. For the most part I love it. It’s what I call my “Texan” that keeps some things and let’s s few walk. Take a full cup of my time in the US Coast guard 3 full cups of 9 years in the Army serving as a - field medic - a dash of this time here a pinch of this from there so on and so forth and always leaving room for new and ya got ... me. Ta- Da... come to think of it now - truth be told - I got a lotta codes...

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12 Jul 2019 21:06 #340395 by _Vergere_
Replied by _Vergere_ on topic Personal Code
I do like the original Jedi code as written by Kevin J Anderson, but I can't say that I follow it, or any code that can be put into words.

If you read the book Star Wars: Traitor, you will know my code.

Listen well: Everything I tell you is a lie. Every question I ask is a trick.
You will find no truth in me.

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13 Jul 2019 09:39 #340399 by Leah Starspectre
Replied by Leah Starspectre on topic Personal Code
My version of the Jedi code is:

From Emotion, Peace
From Ignorance, Knowledge
From Passion, Serenity
From Chaos, Harmony
From Death, The Force

For me, it highlights the journey from one state to a new one; that you have to experience one before learning to adopt the other.

I also wrote my own code/creed:

The Starspectre Code

She is a Disciple
Minding the wisdom of her elders and ancestors
Searching for truth and understanding
Dispelling ignorance where knowledge is sought
Rejoicing in curiosity and eagerness to learn
Maintaining a sharp and probing intellect

She is a Warrior
Defending those in need without defending all in need
Choosing her battles with Temperance, Fairness, and Humility
Balancing the duty to help against the potential for harm
Accepting challenges laid before her, without turning her back in fear
Granting mercy and patience to any who ask it of her

She is an Altruist
Eschewing meanness, wrong-doing, and injurious acts
Meeting and parting with kindness, courtesy and compassion
Keeping peace with the Leaders and Enforcers of the world
Giving openly of her heart, mind and body
Guarding the honour of fellow Jedi

She is a Paragon
Upholding correct meditation, moral virtue, and insight
Planting goodness in any place that corruption may grow
Refraining from flaunting power or authority
Holding herself to the same standards as she holds her peers
Embodying courage, determination, and self-reliance.
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