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10 Jun 2019 05:45 #339496 by Eleven
I've been getting in the habit each morning and night to make sure to spend st least 30 mins in mediation. Since I have I've noticed a quick and positive change in my patience and thought process.

Aside from that as I'm in mediation I like to often chant the Jedi mantra or as many kn0w it as "The Jedi Code"

There is no emotion, there is peace
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge
There is no passion, there is serenity
There is no chaos, there is harmony
There is no death, there is THE FORCE.

Over and over I recite this as a Mantra while listening to bilateral beats or mediation music. But, I'm getting off topic I wanted to share with you...

As I was falling deeper into it suddenly I saw what appeared to be a child holding two toys. What appeared to be a Sun in it's right hand and a planet Earth in the left hand. At first I was like," Hmm this is weird." Right until he begun to bash the sun into the earth you. I was immediately surprised I didn't see it but, could this have been global warming?

Once, I considered this thought I then was taken away and brought what appeared to be a monastery. There were many many monks there bowing there hands, chanting, yet crying at the same time. Like they're upset and apparently very warm. I then considered, "Boy they're crying I wonder why? Are they so warm because of global warming?

Again I was taken to what appeared to be a barren wasteland. There was debris and dust clouds, decaying animals and bones...what is this? I thought. I was then taken away completely. I stopped my mediation session. I considered is THE FORCE trying to tell me if we keep doing what were doing were gonna lose something irreplaceable...Mother Earth.

I don't know if I believe in global warming (don't throw stones!) But, I was never really sure that global warming was real or existed. After seeing this I intend to do more studies on global warming.
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10 Jun 2019 18:56 #339510 by Carlos.Martinez3
Thanks for sharing 11. I won’t lie that it’s hard to share things openly like that. I appreciate it. Don’t expect ever to get judgment from me. Nahh not my cup of tea. What I will say it thank you and encourage others as often as I can.
So me - I’m an old man and I love talking to other people about things - real things. One of the things I concern myself with is old farmers and old native folk. Not just from the USA but from other countries. My consensus is this on global warming : ( this an excerpt from my own writings and my own Jeddist book of change - it will be posted once it’s complete so for now you get a trailer of things to come lol)

The simplest form yields much. Think about the birth of a breeze, fathered by the sun, born in the air. Rain? A storm? Who is truly the author of them? In its time, it finds its balance. Man’s rash endeavors are just Like them. Welcome to force and see the difference becoming a part of it can make. Apply it to virtue and dwell in a different form of virtue. Apply it to loss and dwell in a different form of loss. Dark and light are present never labeled in the Force. Applying thenForce can change the form of outcomes. Be ready, changing the seeds , changes crops.”

What causes wind : the sun and the sky- not me - the sun warms the air and the flow is up to the elements. And old man once told me - when it’s time to rain - it rains. When it’s time to stop it quits - my job is to pay attention to when and where if I wanna be a good farmer. Wind happens and heat happen just like cold and rain. Best part is - it ain’t up to me. Never has been. The earth shifts and changes in small and in whole without the thought of man. This includes those little labels we tack out on our label makers - nature knows no label. Tropics Iceland Greenland The Arctic- why do we as humans get mad that ice melts haaaaaa - did we think we found ice that last forever? Ide like some of that ever lasting ice myself. Things will change. Things are gunna change. Regardless if we can track em or not or even benefit from them - the whole of the story is - The weather will change without our permission or guidance or approval from these two legged folk. Shifting and huge fluxes of climate change is a part of the earth . It’s been that way since we have been drawing on cave walls. It’s gunna move when it wants to- scream like crazy lemmings or - accept and adapt. Some animals fly move or even migrate to better climates - they don’t care about state lines or taxes or home property values or even watering their grass. Funny how some times they seem smarter than humans. My own opinion- global warming is a thing : it’s called weather - it ain’t no ones fault- it’s gunna change. It always does. It always has. Get smarter. Move or adapt better - complaints are for the birds - oh wait -they don’t lol thanks buddy ! May the Force be with you always !

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