Hurricane Network: Hurricane Willa

22 Oct 2018 18:02 #328261 by Nakis

Currently Hurricane Willa is gunning for Mexico and I'd like to offer a hurricane network service to those who might be impacted.

If people are willing, I would like to collect the skype contact information so that we can call/text and check in with people to see if they are doing okay.

The main reason for the phone number aspect is also so if you need to talk to a real human, not a computer screen, you can talk to me or we can get you to someone. I want to offer this so you can talk to someone when you need it and so that someone is at least sending you a message at least two-three times a day to make sure you are alive.

This is purely voluntary, if you want in please PM me your skype and the name you'd like to go by and I will see to it that you are messaged morning, noon, and evening. Or however you prefer it. If you want it through other means, then please let us know. Texting and phone calls are just more efficient if there is a crises that you need to talk through. We can do discord, as well if needed.

Thank you


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