Tips for dealing with anger

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I was just reading some articles about anger and how anger and anxiety can be linked. This made sense, to me, and was actually a very helpful realization.
I know I have to stay away from any sort of stimulants - like caffeine and some medications.
I know I have to get a good night sleep. Fresh air and sunshine help when the air and sunshine feel like cooperating. Exercise helps. Having someone you're able to vent to, or a journal, or voice recorder because sometimes I can't write or type as fast as my thoughts are going.
I try to also think about the long-term. I try to imagine if I'll care about whatever it is half as much as I do in this moment in a couple of months. And instead of getting angry, what I can do to change it instead - if anything.
I try to imagine what I would suggest someone else do in a similar situation. What would I tell my best friend? What advice would I give them?
Accept that you feel anger, listen to it, try to learn from it - you're feeling it for a reason and the reason could simply be that's your default and you need time to readjust. Being aware of it is good - wanting to change it is better. We feel things - it happens. No use being angry about being angry, right? :P
I've also tried lying to myself lol "No, you're not angry. You're happy and everything is great!" - telling myself how I feel, deciding how I feel.
Doesn't always work...

“I am no Jedi.” -A.T.

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