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03 Jul 2018 10:18 #323837 by Streen
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I'd like to share a revelation with you that I've had over the past week or so...

I know it isn't a typical practice among Jedi, but I've been praying a lot lately. Mostly for guidance. Or perhaps a better word would be "understanding". You see, my family are Christians, and I know that they see the Jedi as a sort of abomination, as do some former Jedi who will remain nameless. Many of them use the argument that people like us (Jedi or otherwise—in other words, people who participate here) are following the broad path spoken of in the Bible. The narrow path, as describe there, being those who follow Christ.

I by no means am downplaying Jesus's importance, but it came to me this morning that we here do not follow a broad path. In fact, I believe we follow an even narrower path than Christians. Christianity is, after all, the largest religion in the world (to my knowledge), the Bible being the most printed book in history (a fact). If anything they are on the broad path. The Jedi risk absolute mockery for the sake of being followers of the Force. They stay true to themselves in spite of what others may think. That, to me, is the most narrow path, and I'd like to express how happy I am for all of you who follow it

"The sage does little,
but leaves nothing undone."
—Lao Tzu
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03 Jul 2018 15:12 #323843 by Carlos.Martinez3
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Disclaimer : I am a Jedi minister and wish all well and all a deeper sense in their own faith. The ability to believe in their chosen faith is a human right. I will never disrespect any one for a choice they have made or in the direction they believe. Single or multiple a we are human beings - please don’t take offence to what I am about to say.

If you take time to study most modern religions - without attachment of blame or who gets credit for the same idea - the common characters are evident. Truly - if you put all religions in a room togeather the only conflict you will have is greed - who gets credit and who is right. Character - regardless of religion- group - way -idea - or even sect - is just that , character. To seek a love or a the forgiveness character or a selfless one- can take many forms. The “ way” as it’s been called is quite often - the selfless.

I enjoy talking and sharing with others their versions of it but it’s hard when politics (selfishness) and religion ( the need for credit) gets in the way. I myself display different character from different sects. As a Jeddist it is my - joy - to be able to seek that which —-I- —- find helpful and harmful in my path.
That’s called being human. Choosing your own way and your own path or paths and your own set of practises and what and which they emphasize. We fall under the same basic doctorine s n beliefs as far as don’t steal don’t kill be kind but it’s —- how —- we display them that our paths gains its color.
Truthfully - I love Jesus because if it wasn’t for the example of his love and his selflessness pattern - some people wouldn’t know forgiveness and love . Same goes for the other religions. If it wasn’t for this - form - some would be left to their own demise. Left to mine - I understand the difficulty and the not so easy task it set before me .
So - I see where your coming from streen. Pm me if you like for an in depth conv if you like. There are millions of ways to share ones faith and even a few more how to share with the rest of the humans who you find right around you .

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03 Jul 2018 16:17 #323844 by Streen
Replied by Streen on topic The Narrow Path
Thank you for that enlightened response :)

I appreciate the offer for in-depth conversations, but honestly, I've had my share. I'd rather just be Zen about it, and leave it be.

All in all, I really just wanted to be encouraging to everyone here. We all have a background in religion, even if that religion is atheism (I know some may dispute that, but I won't argue). And too often it leaves a wound from which some of us don't heal. I know that when my parents were approached by a pastor, and I was dragged into it being as young as I was, I held a grudge. Because my parents were just starting to come around to being more open-minded. The pastor shut and locked the door, and threw away the key.

So my point is really just that I am just SO happy to see a place like this grow. I think there are improvements to be made, sure, but it's the largest location where minds like ours can bounce ideas off each other. It's a narrow path because we often have to break free from our families' belief system, and walk our own unbeaten path.

Like Qui-gon said, "It's a hard life." But is it worth it?


"The sage does little,
but leaves nothing undone."
—Lao Tzu
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