Lurking in the shadows

01 Jun 2018 22:51 #322254 by Sven One
I have been messaged by several long attending Jedi from this temple whether it be texted or on this temple about my whereabouts of late. Well, honestly my biggest and short but, sweet answer I'm very working graveyard, 40 to 60 hour weeks, have two apprentices plus, one off this website named Journey. I am active in the gym 6 days a week and also if everything works out I am also gonna try at 32 yrs old to come out of retirement in pro wrestling. I am busy nothing personal, I love you all, glad to see the temple is still going strong, I do input in the forums, still reading up on seminary but, taking my time before writing anything in my journal. I love you all and as always may the Force be with you...ALWAYS!

Sven One
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