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06 May 2018 17:43 #321256 by Rosalyn J

(15:44:46) Alexandre_Orion: there are some for whom it will require a little more desperation before they are willing to drill through all the illusion of the hyper-real
(15:45:04) Alexandre_Orion: (I'll let Ros tell you what I mean by that)
(15:45:47) Twigga: Hopefully she will tell us about that in the thread after this transcript is posted.
(15:46:31) Twigga: I could carry on inventing questions, but I understand that it is evening - dinner time - where you are...?
(15:46:41) Alexandre_Orion: actually, she's going to kill me for putting her on the spot like that (she's one of my most earnest apprentices)
Then she'll tell you about it

I want to respect this explanation, so I'm going to start a new thread.
Please just wait a bit. Its a simple answer, but its not so easy to explain.

Chaos is the stroke of the paintbrush. Harmony is to stand back and see the painting.-Skryym

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