Taking care of Mother Earth

12 Sep 2017 04:33 #301269 by Sven One
Sven One created the topic: Taking care of Mother Earth
I like to take walks of late in my neighborhood and around 320th where I live...in fact I think I am wearing out my old shoes and need to get a new pair lol...but, all joking aside I have been eager to do good things especially with Sept. 21 being so important of an event in my mind and trying to be a Jedi outside this temple and to "Give outside my life" motivation I've been doing of late.

I hope this isn't becoming boastful I just like to share my "Adventures" that I am having out in the world. I was walking in my complex recently and I noticed an elderly woman with a grabber and a 10 gallon trash bag in his hands. It had not been the first time I had seen her around the complex or around my street. I was curious about her at first I thought I would approach her and ask her about her good work and thank you for doing it.

But, I didn't want to interrupt her so I kept walking I figured she'd be still around and I'd catch when she wasn't preoccupied. I took my walk and stopped at the 7-11 for some water and one of the mixed bag of nuts. As, I exited the 7-11 there she was across the street at the chevron sitting on the curb. I decided to approach her. I walked across the street caught her as she was about to leave.

"Excuse, me can I talk to you?" I said.
"Huh? What for? " She replied.
"I wanted to ask you about your cleaning up the trash." I said.
"What about it? I have a right to clean up trash if I want to. I was told along time ago take care of Mother Earth and it will take care of you." She replied beginning to walk away.
"Well, wait...I have a questions for you please." I said.
"What? no more questions I have taught you all you need to know young man now do!" She said.
"But I..."
"No butts! now go and do. Butts, only erase the good of what I told you now go!" She said.

I sat there surprised it was as though she knew what I was going to ask her before I approached her. Or, perhaps I scared her either way I sat and thought for a minute as I saw her disappear down 320th. So, I decided to go home and get a trash bag and a grabber and do as she did. I asked my wife to borrow her grabber and she said I could and I grab a trash bag. My wife was curious in what I was doing and said.

"Um...babe what are you doing?" She said.
"I am going to go and clean up the neighborhood." I replied.
"Umm...okay so when you gonna be home?" She said.
"I don't know honestly. How, does say an hour sound?" I said.
"Okay well, just don't overdue it." She said.
"I won't I promise I'll see you in a little bit." I said walking out the door.

I was actually really excited about cleaning up trash off the street. At first I was kind of feeling silly about being excited about this but, I couldn't help the feeling of feeling like I was taking care of mother earth like the elderly lady said. As I walked through the complex I didn't really find much a few pop cans, old Taki bag, 7-11 hot dog container. I decided to off road and walk on the trail near my house. As I begun walking I immediately found tons of trash probably from the homeless people that live on the trail during the night. You name it I found it pop cans, beer cans, potato chip wrappers, ect. Man what a mess before I knew it my phone went off.

"Babe where are you? Are you okay?" A frantic wife over the phone said.
"Yeah, just cleaning up trash why?" I replied.
"Well, it's been two hours already and I've been calling you and texting you. I was worried." She said.
"Oh...yeah I just noticed I am sorry. On my way back." I said.

I couldn't hardly believe I had been there for that long. Squatting, climbing over things, walking it was fun and good exercise and good for environment. I went home that day smelling the high heavens and feeling really good about myself. But, I thought I'd share this with all of you.

Sven One
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21 Sep 2017 20:48 #301987 by Maybe_the_sith_arent_so_bad
Maybe_the_sith_arent_so_bad replied the topic: Taking care of Mother Earth
That was good of you. Litter annoys me, and i always pick it up when i can.
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21 Sep 2017 21:19 #301990 by Albali Cometlast
Albali Cometlast replied the topic: Taking care of Mother Earth
Thank you for sharing this experience Sven, I believe that all humans should start thinking more about the consequences that our way of life brought to Mother Earth, there is no better example that what is happening now in the Caribbean (4 hurricanes, one followed by the other, even 2 of them achieved category 5) and also the earthquake in Mexico that has caused a lot of destruction, are ways in which the planet (mother earth as you called) tells us that tells us that it has tired and we must make a change. And what better change than in oneself, to get help to collect the garbage, even try to do less trash, ask for less plastic things, to try to recycle to the maximum and to reuse the things are good ways to begin, I hope Sven continues doing it and I will start also to do it in my neighborhood and hopefully in this way we create awareness here in the temple and in our acquaintances that we must change to protect Mother Earth.

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21 Sep 2017 21:38 #301991 by Carlos.Martinez3
Carlos.Martinez3 replied the topic: Taking care of Mother Earth
It is our family practice to park n clean play and play so to speak . We play hard , we leave the park clean , lots of others join in often. Good on ya! Keep being that light some can't ... see!
Ps some won't ! But who benefits ? My family and my area aka the planet. Keep seekinh and see what you find??? The good stuff ! Still a Sven fan!!! Force be with you and I STILL believe in you ! Thanks for sharing !
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22 Sep 2017 02:31 #302012 by Carlos.Martinez3
Carlos.Martinez3 replied the topic: Taking care of Mother Earth
Sven , today ... actuality ...
My mother in law lives near a park. Football kicking distance . ( soccer for those who are red white n blue ) not far. In their small town there's a guy who has a bad @$$ mower.... type that makes grass afraid to grow!!!! Any how he mows everything ... even the park. His choice . Park n Rec do but when he does it ... lines ... shades truly thing of love evident. Me and the boy chased the ball to the park. A few styrophe cups from the gas station and trash so ... I heard you today bro!!!!!! You were in my heart and so me and the boy as is our custom and with you i mind , we Began, me and him , cleaned up a bit then kicked the rock around. Who would pull up in the most coolest mower???? Yup . Thanks for doing that man , I wish there were more parents like you He said .
I simply said " same team brother."
Thanks bro for the fire !!!! My boy got to play and ride and be exactly what "we" need. What a great place we are in hu? Fire passes ! From heart to hearth.......good stuff !!! Thank you fellow Jedi! Thanks for being a part of my path .... still !
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